Biotech Company and Craft Beer Association Partner to Advance Craft Beer Education

San Antonio’s newest biotech company, Alamo Yeast Labs, and local craft beer association, the San Antonio Cerveceros, have partnered to create a unique craft beer experience called: Brewatory. Brewatory is a taproom, laboratory and educational center dedicated to educating craft beer enthusiasts about the science behind brewing.

San Antonio, TX, July 30, 2013 --( Alamo Yeast Labs and the San Antonio Cerveceros, both in San Antonio, TX, have partnered to create an educational complex that will focus on advancing craft beer education and industry in Texas, called Brewatory. Brewatory will house both Alamo Yeast Labs and the San Antonio Cerveceros headquarters, as well as, a taproom, educational classroom and laboratory.

"The concept behind Brewatory is to create a unique center to foster beer education, science, and responsibility”, states Sena Rayos, President of Alamo Yeast Labs. “It’s a place where you can go drink new experimental beers, use a microscope to check your yeast cells, learn how to homebrew, and meet new people. It's like a new club and everyone's invited."

Brewatory was conceived when Untapped Public Relations realized that both of its clients’ goals focused on educating the public on the science of craft beer and its brewing process, advancing the craft beer industry, and establishing an atmosphere for innovative beer brewing in San Antonio. In addition, through the rapid growth of the craft beer industry in Texas, more importantly, San Antonio, Alamo Yeast Labs and the San Antonio Cerveceros need to expand their capacity to support the overwhelming demand from both organizations.

Plans for Brewatory will include a taproom, educational classroom and laboratory. The taproom will profile several prominent Texas breweries, as well as, many experimental test batches from Alamo Yeast Labs, the San Antonio Cerveceros, local breweries and start-up breweries. The classroom will provide enough seating, tables, and equipment for thorough evaluation of the brewing process. The San Antonio Cerveceros, Alamo Yeast Labs, guest breweries and certified cicerones will teach classes on the brewing process and flavor profiles. Finally, the laboratory will offer a more in-depth look into the brewing process.

“The craft beer community is symbiotic,” says Michael Farringer, president of the San Antonio Cerveceros. “It needs industry and community to work well, and Brewatory brings them together!”

Brewatory is created to benefit the craft beer community, industry and avid enthusiasts; hence, both organizations would like the support from this community to fund Brewatory’s Kickstarter campaign. Brewatory’s Kickstarter campaign will be active in early August 2013. All proceeds will benefit Brewatory and are tax-deductible through the San Antonio Cerveceros 501(c)3 non-profit tax status.

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About Alamo Yeast Labs
Alamo Yeast Labs (AYL) is a company that services the craft beer industry and home brewers through three concrete missions: 1) provide fresh, pure yeast for breweries and home brewers (all yeast cultures will go through rigorous quality control testing to ensure high viability and vitality); 2) quality control services including complete microbiological services (bacterial and yeast contaminations, yeast propagation consultation, and genetic analysis) and personal consultation; and 3) comprehensive beverage analysis (e.g., alcohol, density, degree of fermentation, real extract, pH, calories, CO2 and O2, etc).

About the San Antonio Cerveceros
The San Antonio Cerveceros is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to: establishing a craft beer community in San Antonio; educating the public on the sciences (homebrewing) and styles of craft beers and sodas; and reinforcing responsible alcohol consumption in the community. Through this mission, the San Antonio Cerveceros have actively aided the growth of San Antonio’s craft beer industry, as well as, supported the many breweries and craft beer establishments throughout Bexar County and surrounding counties.

Media Contact:
Jesse R Reyes
Untapped Public Relations
(708) 209-9848
Jesse R Reyes
(708) 209-9848
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