Amazing Spaces® Storage Centers is Recognized by Mayor Parker a Valuable Partner in the New DROPoff Houston e-Waste Recycling Program

Local self storage facilities partner with the City of Houston and GREENspot DROPoff to accept residents' electronic waste free of charge to be responsibly recycled thereby keeping dangerous materials out of landfills and streams.

Amazing Spaces® Storage Centers is Recognized by Mayor Parker a Valuable Partner in the New DROPoff Houston e-Waste Recycling Program
Houston, TX, October 11, 2013 --( Yesterday morning Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, held a press conference announcing a partnership between the City of Houston, CompuCycle, GREENspot DROPoff, and a select handful of local self storage facilities that will work together to provide a more comprehensive electronics waste stewardship program for the residents of Greater Houston.

Amazing Spaces Storage Centers welcomes the partnership as they celebrate their second year participating in the GREENspot DROPoff program, a free e-waste recycling program, now officially partnering with the City of Houston and CompuCycle. To date, Amazing Spaces’ four Houston locations have collected a combined total of 92,439 lbs. of electronic waste keeping harmful materials out of our landfills and streams.

Amazing Spaces’ Vice President, Kathy Tautenhahn, says, “The communities we serve are thrilled that they can easily drop off their old electronics at any of our four locations with the knowledge that their e-waste will be recycled in a safe way rather than go into a landfill potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. Over the past year, since we started the program, we’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from the people who have taken advantage of our e-waste dropoff option. We are happy that our partnership with GREENspot DROPoff provides the community this much needed service.” Since June of 2012, Amazing Spaces has provided a storage space for members of the community to conveniently drop off old electronics with the peace of mind that their e-waste will be recycled properly.

Once the e-waste drop-offs accumulate, CompuCycle, a certified e-waste recycler, picks up the material to be processed at their facility. CompuCycle is R2 certified meaning that they follow strict compliances including ensuring secure data destruction, managing materials that pose a threat to the environment and worker safety, and practicing the remarketing and reuse of retired electronics.

Here are some examples items that are recycled with the GREENspot Program: Televisions | Fax Machines | Computer Monitors | DVD Players | Laptops | VCR / Beta | Keyboards | Cables & Cords Printers | Radios | Computer Mice | Stereo Components | Hard Drives | Tape & Zip Drives

About Amazing Spaces
Houston-based Amazing Spaces Storage Centers has been a leading provider of storage services for discriminating individuals and businesses since 1998. Its award winning storage properties offer creative solutions for self-storage, RV and boat storage, wine storage, packing and moving supplies, and more. Amazing Spaces is ranked a Top 100 National Operator and currently operates four locations in the Houston metro area.

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About GREENspot DROPoff
GREENspot is the largest e-waste collector in the State of California with hundreds of drop off locations open to the general public and has now expanded in to Texas. GREENspot has won numerous awards including Collection Program of the Year (IERCE) for their efforts to promote responsible e-waste recycling. GREENspot DROPoff’s mission statement is to provide a free and convenient GREENspot within 5 miles of every household in America, while at the same time ensuring that the material is processed in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with all State and Federal regulations.

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About Houston Solid Waste Management Department
The Solid Waste Management Department provides solid waste services to the residents of Houston through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective.

About CompuCycle
CompuCycle is Houston’s first Responsible Recycling (R2) Certified company and strives to provide safe, secure and responsible electronic recycling to protect the environment and ensure that customers’ products are managed properly throughout the entire process.
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