When Your Parachute is Black- New System Unveiled to Eradicate African American Unemployment Crisis

Using Knowledge, Planning, Preparation and Persistence to make a paradigm shift, resulting in drastically improved African-American Employment Success.

When Your Parachute is Black- New System Unveiled to Eradicate African American Unemployment Crisis
Bluefield, WV, February 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Strategies on how to reduce the ever rising unemployment rate among the African American population are explored in a new book released this month. When Your Parachute is Black: The African American’s Guide to 21st Century Employment unveils a system that will permanently shrink the African-American unemployment crisis.

When Your Parachute is Black is authored by leadership expert Dr. William M. White. White has previously co-authored Apex Thinking and What Leaders Believe, two leadership books used in leadership degree programs in higher education.

In When your Parachute is Black, White has expanded the outplacement model used successfully for over five decades to prepare primarily unemployed white workers in the private sector for new and better positions by addressing many of the challenges faced by African Americans as they seek employment. The current published unemployment rate for African Americans is over 13 percent while the unemployment rate for the general population is less than seven percent. The number is even higher for African Americans between the ages of 18 and 24. This unacceptable discrepancy has existed since the mid-sixties.

When Your Parachute is Black answers five critical questions by providing African-Americans an opportunity to evaluate their skills, accomplishments, values, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes in a manner that reduces the opportunity for racism and discrimination. More importantly, readers learn how to pursue their passion or vision. The step-by-step techniques presented in When Your Parachute is Black provide African-Americans with valuable management skills necessary to successfully navigate the twenty-first century job market.

Readers of his book have expressed great enthusiasm for his project.

Carol Rolling, an African-American executive Outplacement Consultant from Laguna Hills, CA, wrote, “I applaud Dr. White for his insight and patience to make When Your Parachute is Black a reality; a process that will change the way African Americans view work for generations to come.”

White worked for more than ten years in the outplacement industry perfecting his career development skills. Additionally, he has been a corporate executive in Fortune 100 organizations, a university dean and CEO and founder of the Management Development Group, Inc., an organization development consulting firm specializing in inclusion and conflict. He is the producer of the world acclaimed training video The Power of Diversity.

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