Direct Sales Women's Empowerment Company Launches with Crowdfunding

Ginga Baby is the first philanthropic business for women who care. It’s free to join, free to use and offers referral commissions on exclusive product lines.

Direct Sales Women's Empowerment Company Launches with Crowdfunding
Kalispell, MT, May 01, 2014 --( As the first direct sales company to ever start with crowdfunding and offer its core product free, Ginga Baby is proud to pioneer the future of the direct sales industry. Founded by industry-veteran, Dr. Rollan Roberts II, Ginga Baby’s primary product is a proprietary, patent-pending empowerment software platform that allows its members to send encouraging automated calls and text messages (blips) for free and is backed by wide-ranging empowerment materials, online conferences and cruises.

Ginga Baby has four product categories: infant nutrition, anti-aging, weight management and adult nutrition. Ginga Baby affiliates are known as Ginga Moms. There is no cost to become a Ginga Mom and no purchase is required to earn a commission.

“We’ve been referred to as the ‘Steve Jobs of the direct sales industry’ because of how this transforms the future of this $120 billion global industry,” says Dr. Roberts. “Women are tired of holding parties and harassing friends and family. They’re looking for a platform where they can contribute in a meaningful way to make a real difference in people’s lives,” Dr. Roberts continued.

Ginga Moms represent what's best about our world. Their very essence represents and displays the effortless, almost mystical Ginga flair. They care; they love; they give; they succeed, and they empower. Ginga Moms are about connecting with other ladies and adding value to them and others through philanthropic empowerment efforts. Please consider supporting our crowdfunding efforts.

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About Ginga Baby
Ginga Baby is the first philanthropic business for women who care. Located in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana, Ginga Baby’s women’s empowerment mission is primarily served through its proprietary empowerment software platform called Blipiti, empowerment programs and cruises. It’s Life Sciences product line consists of infant nutrition, anti-aging, weight management and adult nutrition and is sold through affiliates known as Ginga Moms. It was the first successfully crowdfunded company in the direct sales industry. For more information, please visit

About Dr. Rollan Roberts II
Author Dr. Rollan Roberts II is an accomplished CEO, TV Personality, and Business Strategist. Along with his immense success in the corporate world, he owns multiple companies and holds two patents - one for the 90 Day Race formula. He was featured in the movie, The Journey, and holds a Doctorate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Roberts resides in Montana and Florida and has a passion for growing companies, flying planes, riding horses, scuba diving, and riding motorcycles. For more information, please visit
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