Richmond Tax Solutions is Excited to Bring Two Local Athletes to the Raiders Game on 6/21 to Tell Their Story of How They Both Went from RVA to the NFL Together

Richmond Tax Solutions is excited to announce that on 6/21/14 at 6pm, Local Athletes Shawn Barber and GeNienne Samuels will be signing autographs at the Richmond Raiders season finale game at the Richmond Coliseum. Shawn Barber, Retired NFL Star who played for the Washington Redskins from '98 to '02 started his journey with Pro-Cheerleader GeNienne Samuels cheering on the sidelines in Richmond, VA. These two star athletes would continue their journey together all the way to the NFL Together.

Richmond Tax Solutions is Excited to Bring Two Local Athletes to the Raiders Game on 6/21 to Tell Their Story of How They Both Went from RVA to the NFL Together
Richmond, VA, May 22, 2014 --( Richmond Tax Solutions is proud to present to the RVA Community, a rare opportunity to meet two of their very own professional athletes at the Richmond Coliseum during the final 2014 regular season game for the Richmond Raiders.

Richmond Tax Solutions Founder/CEO, Mr. Darin Branch stated that the Richmond Raiders are Richmond's Hometown Football team and he mentioned thinking to himself...

"What better way to end the 5th season of Raiders Football than by bringing two of Richmond's very own NFL Stars to visit with the fans and share the remarkable story of how two local kids who started out in Pre-School together worked hard and accomplished their goal of playing professional sports...together."

Mr. Branch, who participates in the daily activities of Richmond Tax Solutions is always helping the RVA community. After all, Richmond Tax Solutions helps people get out of trouble with the IRS and stay out of trouble through various programs. He has been promoting supporting the community for several years and is extremely excited about giving the Hermitage High School Alumni and the University of Richmond Alumni a reason to come out and support their fellow classmates this Summer. Visit to learn more about Richmond Tax Solutions.

Shawn Barber and GeNienne Samuels began their friendship in Pre-School at Holy Angels in Richmond, VA. These two would attend the same schools all the way through college at the University of Richmond which is a rare occurrence these days due to various reasons. Their journey of success did not stop at the University of Richmond because these two dedicated athletes would meet yet again on a football field but this time it would be playing and cheering for the Washington Redskins in the NFL which is the ultimate accomplishment in the football world.

Retired NFL Star, Shawn Barber grew up in Richmond's Henrico County where his parents still reside today. Shawn graduated from Hermitage High School and received an academic and sports scholarship to attend the University of Richmond where he obtained his degree. Shawn played in the NFL from 1998 to 2008 with the majority of his time spent with the Washington Redskins in our Nation's capital. In addition to the Redskins, he played for the Eagles, Chiefs and the Texans during his NFL career.

Retired Professional Cheerleader, GeNienne Samuels grew up in Richmond's Henrico County where her family still resides today. GeNienne graduated from Hermitage High School and received an academic scholarship to attend the University of Richmond with her fellow Hermitage Alumni Shawn Barber. After graduating from U of R, GeNienne wound up moving to Washington, D.C. to begin her career in corporate America where she tried out and made it to the NFL as a Redskins cheerleader which is where Shawn Barber, her Hermitage and U of R Alumni would be drafted to play as a Redskin.

Even after Shawn retired, GeNienne continued her desire to be a professional cheerleader by joining the NBA with the Washington Wizards where she continued cheering and obtained the Wizards Community Star Award as well as Wizard Girl of the Year 2 years in a row!

During her time with the Redskins cheerleaders she received various awards such as the following:

2004 Pro Bowl Cheerleader – Voted to represent at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Cover Girl Model for the annual Washington Redskins Cheerleader Swimsuit
Calendar two (2) times – Only cheerleader selected to grace the cover of the calendar twice

WRC Director’s Choice Award – 2001, 2002, 2004

WRC Outstanding Leadership & Choreography – 2003

WRC Choreography Award – 2006 – 2007

WRC Lifetime Achievement Award – 2006 – 2007

Cheered at the America Bowl in Osaka Japan (Co-Captain)

Cheered at the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio (Captain)

The story of Shawn Barber and GeNienne Samuels is one that really shows the world what hard work, dedication and friendship among two Middle School Kids can really do for their future. This story shows the kids in our community what a "Love of Sports" can create and why being part of something in school does not have to end when you graduate. If you want something bad enough, you can get it through friendship, hard work and dedication...just look at these two fellow Richmond Raised Athletes and what they accomplished together right here in the city of Richmond, VA.

The Athletic Programs in Richmond have been criticized by many over the last few years and as of now the athletic community in Richmond does not even recognize Cheerleading as a "Sport". This lack of recognition is something that GeNienne Samuels has a major issue with being as though she had to endure similar conditioning, maintain the same level of focus and work just as hard at her "sport" as anyone who has ever dreamed of playing a sport at the professional level such as the NFL or NBA.

Ultimately, it was the "Love of Sports" and the love for their Hometown of Richmond is what kept Shawn and GeNienne together from Pre-School at Holy Angels to the Washington Redskins field for a NFL Monday Night Football game.

Come out to the Richmond Coliseum on June 21st 2014 at 6pm and stop by the Richmond Tax Solutions booth to get a picture with two of your very own NFL athletes and enjoy the Richmond Lady Raiders Halftime show at your Richmond Raiders game.

These two professional athletes chose the Raiders season finale game to attend because that very same day the Raiders are having a Lady Raiders Cheer Camp where local kids from the Richmond community will be able to dance with the Lady Raiders during halftime in front of the crowd and perform a real dance routine with the Lady Raiders.

Richmond Raiders owner, Elizabeth Fraiser shared with Richmond Tax Solutions how excited she was to have the Raiders be part of such a great local story and wants to say "Thank You" to the Richmond community for their support these last 5 years. The Raiders spend so much time in the local schools on a weekly basis speaking to kids and the whole team proudly supports the whole RVA community. So, come out to the games and support the Raiders this season and beyond...

Remember, Richmond Raised these two athletes so keep pushing your children to reach for the stars, continue to encourage them to develop those friendships in school and bring them out to meet Shawn and GeNienne on 6/21/14 at 6pm.

The Lady Raiders Cheer Director, Kelly Owens is ready for the whole city to bring their kids out to the game on June 21st to see these children perform a dance routine with her team of cheerleaders. If you have not signed up there is still time so visit the Raiders website at to sign up your child to participate.
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