Austin Charity Making a Difference for Children with Autism

Central Texas families awarded sponsorship for therapies.

Austin Charity Making a Difference for Children with Autism
Austin, TX, June 04, 2014 --( Imagine A Way, an Austin based charity that helps families whose children are diagnosed with autism, awards therapy sponsorships to 4 more Central Texas children.

Imagine A Way sponsors local families with children on the Autism Spectrum by funding proven, critical therapies during the child’s early years of ages 2-6.

“When we established Imagine A Way, we knew we wanted to find those families who fell through the cracks. Children diagnosed with autism whose parents were doing everything possible, and it still wasn’t enough,” says Joel Price, founder of Imagine A Way.

And they have. Last month, four more children were chosen to receive the charity’s support.

Early intervention is the key. In Austin, therapies for children with autism average between $36,000 and $72,000 a year, far beyond what most families can afford. Yet studies show that the window for making the biggest difference is between the ages of 2 and 6.

With Imagine A Way’s help, these children will receive over 9800 hours of speech, occupational, and ABA therapies. Critical funding for therapies recommended for their diagnoses, but not covered by insurance.

Imagine A Way’s motto is “Making a difference, one child, one family at a time.” Every day, children are entering and leaving the window of time where their opportunity for lifelong success is the greatest. Limited resources can mean the difference in reaching the child or losing them. “For every family, we make a difference. This changes the trajectory of a child’s life,” states Mark Taylor, Board Vice President.

The families are grateful, and it is their words that truly express the difference this charity is making:

“Cooper is almost four and I was starting to think I would never hear him say, 'I love you Mommy.' He said it this weekend. To hear the words makes my heart leap, and my eyes fill with grateful tears. Thank you.”

“Right now I am hearing my son laugh and sing the alphabet song. This is because of you. I hear him interact with his therapist and call his twin brother by name. You are a part of that victory. His smile that lights up the room comes more and more frequently, because his ability to communicate is becoming a reality. You helped make this happen.”

“I am overwhelmed by the kindness of others…Imagine A Way is incredible. They feel it is their honor to help us…telling us ‘together, we will get Mara back.’ Every time I think about those words, I cry.”

“Thank you; thank you for providing something to my child that I could not. Thank you for giving us our dreams back.”

About Imagine A Way:
Imagine A Way is an Austin based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing support, therapies and hope for the future to Central Texas Area families affected by Autism.

For more information about Imagine A Way visit their website or call (512) 220-4324.

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