Rentricity NSF Certified Technology Ready for Clean Energy Markets

New product offering will provide safer water quality standard equipment that recovers wasted energy in pressurized water pipes.

Rentricity NSF Certified Technology Ready for Clean Energy Markets
New York, NY, July 22, 2014 --( Rentricity Inc., the in-pipe hydropower clean energy recovery Company located in New York City, has successfully certified a line of pumps as turbines that can recover energy in various water operator pipelines.

Rentricity’s Flow-to-Wire™ system captures excess pressure and flow within gravity-fed water distribution pipelines, converting it into clean energy for the electric grid or the customer's onsite use. The sites targeted can be found in municipal drinking water systems, food processors pipelines or at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The system manages pressure while recovering energy within any pressurized water system.

“Our announcement follows our 10 year exclusive agreement with Cornell Pump Company, a subsidiary of Roper Industries, executed late 2013 to provide NSF certified equipment for the growing market for energy recovery,” says Al Spinell, Rentricity Co-founder and Advisor. “The Company will soon outline the equipment available on its website and hopes to attract more interest from state public utility commissions and environmental protection agencies since NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects is required in 48 states in the US,” he added.

NSF/ANSI 61 is the nationally recognized health effects standard for all devices, components and materials that come in contact with drinking water. “Rentricity’s certification for the reverse pump energy recovery application provides another NSF certified product option for water operators,” said Dave Purkiss, General Manager of NSF International’s Municipal Water Products Program. Rentricity plans to promote the product for the drinking water, food processing water and pharmaceutical water use marketplace and has models that can generate between 12 and 350kW of power from pressurized pipelines. The Company will provide its first NSF/ANSI 61 certified unit for a drinking water application in Halifax, Nova Scotia later this year.

“We’re excited about Rentricity receiving NSF certification on our turbine line,” said Marcus Davi, Cornell VP of Sales. “We’re very encouraged that Rentricity is utilizing our pumping technology to capture the energy potential that is currently escaping municipal and industrial customers. The turbines will be part of green energy best practices going forward.”

Rentricity’s Cornell Turbine Models also meets the requirements in NSF/ANSI 372: Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content, which contains procedures to verify the lead content of drinking water products. The Company is completing projects in California, Pennsylvania and Canada later this year and is receiving strong interest since the passing of the Hydropower Efficiency Act of 2013 which reduces permitting oversight for small in-pipe hydro clean energy applications.

About Rentricity Inc.
Rentricity Inc. ( is the nation’s leader in producing clean, renewable energy from hydrokinetic applications in potable drinking water distribution systems, industrial water systems, and wastewater systems. The company, a graduate of NYC’s cleantech incubator, the Accelerator for a Clean & Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE). is based at 175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013.

About NSF International: NSF International is a global independent organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the water, food, health sciences and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment ( Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. Operating in more than 155 countries, NSF’s global water services include testing, certification and auditing for municipal water treatment components and chemicals, plastic piping systems, plumbing fixtures and fittings, point-of-use and point-of-entry water systems and filters.

About Cornell Pump: ( Cornell Pump Company, is a Clackamas, Oregon based company that provides premium quality, efficient centrifugal pumps for industrial, agricultural, mining and municipal applications. Since 1946, Cornell Pump has engineered products to be rugged, durable, and dependable—efficient by design. Cornell pumps are found in products and applications around the world. Cornell Pump is a subsidiary of Roper Industries, a diversified growth company that is a constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and the Russell 1000 indices.
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