Hollywood’s History Lives on in New Line of Eco-Friendly Furniture by Urban Woods

Furniture designed and built in Los Angeles from the walls of historic Hollywood landmark MGM Studios. Reclaimed Wood from the famous studios is carefully salvaged and turned into Environmentally friendly, green, eco-chic creations.

Hollywood, CA, October 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- As a conscientious manufacturer concerned with the environment, Urban Woods uses vintage reclaimed wood from old buildings in Los Angeles, water-based finishes, and organic fabrics in its contemporary furniture line.

In many ways, this system not only leaves a smaller ecological footprint, but also provides for a superior product. By both obtaining wood from, and manufacturing in Los Angeles, the wood is kept out of our waste stream, and there is minimal delivery pollution. With the organic materials Urban Woods uses to design its eco-friendly furniture, any waste generated in production is totally biodegradable. The old-growth Douglas Fir, much from ancient primal forests, allowed to reach its full maturity back when resources were plentiful, is reclaimed by Urban Woods, and made into furniture which is sturdier, harder, and possesses more character than furniture made from new wood which has not grown for centuries.

When searching out the best possible, old growth timber for the new line of Urban Woods furniture, Trevor Webb, President of Urban Woods, a company at the forefront of eco-contemporary design in furniture, had to look no further than the demolition of several old sound stages on the MGM Studios lot in Culver City, California. This grand studio was once the crown jewel of Hollywood and is now Sony Pictures.

Years ago, MGM was the most powerful studio in Hollywood. During its heyday, the studio produced an average of one film a week. In 1939 alone, MGM gave us two of the most beloved films in the history of Hollywood: “Gone With the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz.” “Citizen Kane” also filmed on the lot in 1941. Later, the studio would give us the epic, “Ben Hur,” in 1959 and the sentimental, “Dr. Zhivago,” in 1965.

The history of old Hollywood is preserved in this current collection from Urban Woods. The line has been beautifully hand-crafted using reclaimed wood from the historic sound stages of the MGM/Sony Studios lot.

Instead of ending up useless and forgotten in a landfill, the same wood that heard Orson Welles whisper his famous, “Rosebud,” and Judy Garland’s ruby slippers click-clack down the Yellow Brick Road, will be in peoples’ homes and offices, in the form of beautiful, contemporary and ecologically-conscientious furniture, getting the recognition it deserves, and telling its amazing stories for years to come.


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