New Diversity Partner for Affirmative Action Obligations and create Affirmative Action partnership. This official partnership brings more affordable tools to federal contractors in their outreach to minorities and women, as well as AAOs (affirmative action officer) to consider the low cost solutions for their compliance requirements.

Torrance, CA, July 07, 2015 --(, a top tier recruiting and career portal, and, an affirmative action compliance firm, are working together to present their clients with a better solution from recruitment to minority outreach and compliance.

Affirmative Action obligations are becoming ever more complicated and many federal contractors welcome professional help. Now that the OFCCP is asking for detailed applicant data and a slew of record keeping obligations, it is important for federal contractors to find the right partners for their Good Faith Efforts and outreach mandates. It is not enough to just have a simple affirmative action plan, it is also important that your executives and managers know what your plan calls for, that you engage in the proper recruitment process and that you can document your efforts.

Recruiting is a big part of affirmative action compliance issues, and has a national reach with over 1 Million Resumes and over 500,000 employer accounts, connecting to hundreds of job boards and community boards nationwide. has been assisting federal contractors for over 24 years with complex compliance issues as well the external dissemination and minority outreach efforts, among many other issues.

This is a collaborative effort to promote diversity and opportunities for women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities, and to help employers reach their goals. Every federal contractor needs to be able to document their Good Faith Efforts in outreach, keep applicant records, update their affirmative action plan, internally and externally disseminate their EEO policy statement and follow the FCCM (Federal Contract Compliance Manual) guidelines.

Every employer needs to make a concerted effort to remove all barriers to fair employment. and are committed to helping organizations with their minority outreach and affirmative action obligations with unparalleled low cost solutions. “Once you have a plan in place, it is just a matter of maintaining the effort. For many, it is the start that seems daunting. This partnership will make it easy to implement and maintain a functioning affirmative plan,” says Frank Baethe. and, combined, can be of great help to those that embrace diversity.

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Minority Success and Minority Success Publishing Group, is an affirmative action compliance firm, helping thousands of federal contractors, nationwide, for over 24 years. MSPG provides its clients with compliance assistance that saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. We put our clients in a position where they can do most of the work in-house, without having to pay costly consultants.

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Frank Baethe