CertifyMe.net Releases Infographic Featuring Warehouse Forklift Hazards to Promote Safety

Phoenix, AZ, September 14, 2015 --(PR.com)-- CertifyMe.net, a web-based forklift training facility to obtain OSHA forklift certification, released an infographic featuring forklift hazards to promote the safe operation of forklifts in warehouses. With the “Warehouse Forklift Hazards” infographic, CertifyMe.net explains the most common places forklift accidents occur in warehouse environments.

According to OSHA, there are approximately 85 forklift fatalities each year, with over 34,000 serious injuries resulting in the operation of forklifts. Due to these alarming statistics, CertifyMe.net created the infographic for forklift safety to raise awareness to the issue. The easy-to-read and comprehensive infographic offers tips for warehouses to reduce the risk for forklift related injuries. In addition, the infographic features an embeddable code for other websites to share the valuable information to further promote forklift safety.

“Operating forklifts safely is a critical component to the function and performance of warehouses. Unfortunately, warehouse hazards and the improper use of forklifts can make the operation dangerous,” said Tom Wilkerson, owner of CertifyMe.net. “We created this infographic to bring awareness to these hazards and provide the industry with safety resources to promote a safer work environment.”

The infographic breaks down everything warehouses and forklift operators need to know to enhance the safety of warehouse environments. Forklift operators learn the importance of increased safety protocols and hazard awareness when operating near loading docks, sprinklers, blind corners, and high traffic areas. In addition, there are important tips for operating near shelves, when driving on ramps into trucks, and when backing down ramps with a load.

The infographic also highlights the importance of watching for pedestrians and observing surroundings when operating a forklift to reduce the occurrence of damages, injuries, and fatalities. By raising awareness to these common potential dangers in warehouse environments, the hazards are avoided to maintain a safer work facility.

As a leader for forklift training and certification, CertifyMe.net is committed to forklift operation safety in all work environments. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and expertise with forklift operations, CertifyMe.net released the infographic to further promote safety for forklift drivers and employees.

About CertifyMe.net:
CertifyMe.net provides the forklift training and certification employees and employers need to abide by OSHA standards to promote the safe operation of forklifts. Through flexible and affordable online training courses, a forklift certification is granted to become OSHA certified as a forklift operator.
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