V5 Systems Deploys Wireless Outdoor Security in Ten Locations for the Super Bowl

Fremont, CA, May 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- V5 Systems, Inc. (“V5”) (www.v5systems.us), a leader in innovating wireless, on edge, intelligent security and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) computing solutions, extended the security surveillance for the Super Bowl 2016 with their Portable Security Units (PSU).

During the summer of 2015, the city of San Jose began planning for the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. During the planning for this event, obtaining real-time, quality video surveillance of strategic and critical events was determined to be too costly to implement for a 10-day event. Commanders at the San Jose Police Department contacted Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) technical engineers and asked for assistance. NCRIC was already deploying 10 V5 Systems Inc. portable security units (PSU’s) at Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco, and they recommended V5’s unique security platform to SJPD. NCRIC explained and described V5’s incredible ability to stream live HD video, anywhere, within an hour.

The SJPD worked with V5 Systems to deploy 10 V5 PSU’s at strategic Super Bowl venues: Cesar Chavez Park for the Super Bowl Experience; the San Jose Marriot, which was the host hotel for the Carolina Panthers, and the San Jose Convention Center. This deployment provided live streamed HD video for a 10-day period, securing 10 locations where obtaining video was previously near impossible (e.g., no power, need for trenching, costly permitting, etc.). The ease and speed at which V5 Systems PSU’s can be deployed, and then in short order, re-deployed (moving from event to event) was a critical component of the SJPD’s security plan for the Super Bowl.

V5 PSU is the world’s first wireless, multi-sensor, portable security solution for outdoor environments. This device has onboard analytics, proprietary power management system, storage sensors and communications. Highlights include:

· Wireless, off-the-grid power utilizing V5’s proprietary rapid charging power system deriving power directly from solar
· Portable and lightweight for easy setup and deployment creating the freedom to redeploy whenever needed (25 lbs. or less)
· Multi-sensor functionality including video, Acoustic Tracking System, and chemical detection
· Gunshot detection (GSD) and gunshot location (GSL)
· True edge computing with advanced sensor analytics capabilities for objects of interest, sound and chemical detection
· Controlled IIoT architecture capable of running third-party applications
· Up to 1TB of on board storage for HD quality video retention on the edge
· Communications through cellular connection, WiFi or RF

V5 PSU can capture, analyze, and even interpret data in real time and relay this information to its users. Real-time transfer of data allows end users to respond ‘proactively’ to a potential threat or issue rather than being ‘reactive’ after the fact. V5 PSU-AC can be added to extend existing security systems or be deployed as a standalone solution; Packaged in a lightweight ruggedized enclosure, this solution can be typically configured and installed in under 60 minutes per device for rapid outdoor deployment.

“It was an honor for V5 Systems to be a part of the security element that made the Super Bowl activities a safe and fun event for all citizens,” said Will Manion, President V5 Elements.

About V5 Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2014, V5 Systems operates out of its facility in the city of Fremont, California. Its founders were intent on delivering a security solution that could be deployed in any outdoor environment without the limitations of having to tap into fixed power or modify existing land or structures. V5 Systems Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) eliminates the need for trenching and acquiring permits, while significantly reducing deployment cost and time. V5 PSU’s are not only self-powered security solutions but these intelligent devices contain onboard computing and communications system that can capture, analyze, and act on sensor data while relaying the information to its operators and users via WiFi and or Cellular to any Android or IOS mobile device or standard web browser in real-time.

Another major application of V5 Portable Security Unit is in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT is a network of smart devices coupled with sensors of all types collecting sensor data and communicating that data between devices (machine-to-machine). V5 PSU, being a smart machine can then perform analysis on the data (machine learning). Based upon the data analysis alerts are sent to its operators and users. Alerts describe the trigger event criteria, and recommended actions taken including automated tasks such as real-time alerts. V5 PSU will become the defacto solution for the Industrial Internet of Things in all outdoor environments.

V5 Systems delivers a truly innovative, self-powered security and computing solution for IoT industrial control, monitoring and data collection applications. Discover and learn more about how V5 Systems can solve your security and IIoT needs.

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