CERTIFIED, INC. $20 Million Fundraising Acquisition

CERTIFIED, INC. $20 Million Fundraising Acquisition
Boca Raton, FL, November 21, 2016 --(PR.com)-- CERTIFIED, INC. has announced an agreement with Switzerland based Galileo Asset Management SA (galileoam.com) to assist in the acquisition of $20 million of equity funding. Such funding will expedite CERTIFIED’s international distribution and usage of their breakthrough disruptive smartphone VERITY™ scanning app.

“VERITY is changing the way consumers shop for products and the way manufacturers track, trace and market every product, while developing one of the largest databases of consumer shopping habits in the world,” stated Galileo Director of Private Placements, Rafael Toledano. “The revenue model that CERTIFIED has developed is impressive, while the value of the data the Company will collect will be substantial given the market size and its importance to all manner of cognitive research (CR) and artificial intelligence (AI).”

CERTIFIED is a non-governmental certification company that qualifies and then quantifies the validity of product origin, utilizing IBM Bluemix Watson (AI) and Google Firebase technologies for its VERITY™ app. The Company was selected to be part of the Technology Business Incubator® (TBI) in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University. That move assisted CERTIFIED in furthering breakthrough advancements engineered in cognitive research and the collection of big data. With VERITY’s release, consumers everywhere gain complete transparency of where their food and other purchases originate from, and producers will know who their consumers are, where they are shopping for their products and where consumers are purchasing their products. It is a technological advancement in the tracking and tracing of food, plants, agricultural products, poultry, meat, as well as children’s products and pet products.

“We have always been excited with the positive nature of efficiency and change that VERITY(TM) will bring,” stated Adam Reiser, CERTIFIED Founder/CEO, “and wanted to develop a means of offering credibility first, while also answering the question ‘Where does my food come from?’ Now, with Galileo’s impressive financial network and assistance, we can expedite VERITY’s utilization of nearly one billion products in the UPC database, and enjoy a revenue creation that should quickly establish us as a major player in big data collection.”

CERTIFIED Inc. is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) independent 3rd party Certification company that provides supply chain verification for “Country of Origin Claims” also NON-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Organic, Fair Trade... and could potentially create and maintain the largest database of consumer shopping habits, and product tracing in the world through the utilization of their proprietary VERITY(TM) system. For more information, please contact Donielle Alexander @ +1-561-279-2855 or info@certified.bz

About Galileo Asset Management, SA
Galileo Asset Management SA is a Swiss corporate finance firm and member of the Self-Regulating Organization OAR-G, which is recognized by the Swiss financial supervision organization (FINMA). Galileo was founded on the core principles of integrity, a commitment to excellence, and to delivering results. The company focuses on securing funding for private and public companies through private placements, PIPEs, debt, equity, and project financing. Galileo is most active in the life science, renewable power, clean-tech, and sustainable development sectors of the market, with clients operating in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Israel. For more information, please contact Rafael Toledano @ +1-212-655-9523 or info@galileoam.com
Donielle Alexander
PDF of press release

PDF of press release

PDF of press release