Global Cancer Technology, Inc. Signs Licensing Agreement with the University of California San Diego

Announcing an agreement to purchase patent and IP technology from UCSD for a novel way to track medical instruments using Nano Quantum Dots

San Diego, CA, November 25, 2016 --( Global Cancer Technology, Inc. announced today that the company has signed a Licensing Agreement with the University of California San Diego to bring to market a unique system to label and track hospital instruments.

“This one of a kind nanotechnology based system for tracking and labeling medical instruments is truly an industry breakthrough,” said Mr. John Clark, Chairman and CEO of Global Cancer Technology, Inc. “Entire trays of instruments can be very rapidly scanned giving hospitals an unprecedented level of inventory control. Even the smallest instruments and surgical sutures can be labeled and tracked without comprising function and feel.” Mr. Clark went on to say that, "Our deep background in the surgical field will insure a rapid introduction and impact in satisfying a critical need that hospitals are facing:, by the year 2020, every hospital in the US must have a surgical instrument tracking system in place and only 5 percent of hospitals in the country currently have such a system in use."

Drs. Sadik Esener, Wolf Wrasidlo, and Milan Makale, principal inventors of the patented process jointly commented, “The University is very pleased to be moving this transformative technology forward and working with Global Cancer Technology, Inc. in the commercialization process.” They added “UC San Diego is excited about the prospect of advancing this unique system into hospitals and clinics where it can improve conditions and safety for patients and enhance throughput and security for health care providers and support staff.”

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