Hilton Eliat Queen of Sheba, One of the Global Hotel Chain’s Premier 5 Star Locations, Has Extended Their Use of Novisign's Digital Signage Software All Over the Property

From kiosks to in-room TV: Hilton’s flagship hotel in Israel scaled their implementation of NoviSign’s digital signage solution from a handful of kiosks to hotel-wide coverage, including the powering of announcements and promotions on the hotel guest room TV channel.

Hilton Eliat Queen of Sheba, One of the Global Hotel Chain’s Premier 5 Star Locations, Has Extended Their Use of Novisign's Digital Signage Software All Over the Property
Wixom, MI, December 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Luxury hotels host meetings between world leaders, are the location for large conferences and are visited by discerning travellers. As such, they place a high priority on clear, up-to-date and easy to find information about their services, day-to-day events and activities at the hotel, so that their guests are informed and productive.

The top Hilton hotel in Israel is no exception, with 481 rooms, 8 different conference rooms of various sizes, as well as an internal shopping mall. Hotel management initially turned to us in search of an easy-to-use solution for operating and updating a myriad of digital signage displays and kiosks. These were needed throughout the hotel property, especially at entrance halls, lobbies, conference rooms and reception desks.

Their simple web-based interface for loading and updating content on the screens was invaluable. A single tool could create, manage and broadcast rich, interactive digital content, allowing anyone easy options for splitting screens into many elements, combining images, text, moving ticker displays, videos, slideshows, social media feeds and much more. In particular Hilton used PowerPoint presentations with the content editor for easy and fast content distribution.

“We didn’t have any signage solution before NoviSign,” said Avishay Siton, Information Systems Manager. “The system is very user-friendly and stable, that is why we installed it in the reception and also in all the bedrooms in the hotel. We started to use the software as pilot project and had great success. We are definitely going to increase our use in the hotel and are planning to focus on NoviSign as our sole supplier of digital signage. We are very satisfied with the system and the assistance we get from the support team, it is the best value for our money.”

Hilton management, pleased with the deployment, then turned to another of their tools for communicating with guests: TV in the guest rooms. Like most hotels, Hilton used channels on the local TV network to advertise additional hotel services (such as the spa), tourism activities and to inform guests about events at the hotel. The management then suggested to us, since their solution was so simple and powerful, that they wanted to use it to power the content on the in-room TV network also. This connection proved easy for us to sort out.

“It was easy for us to connect our player to the hotel’s television switchboard and to power the in-room guest communications,” said Gil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign. “Traditional solutions for this are very expensive or unwieldy. And our additional advantage is that we can leverage the same web-based interface for both digital signage and the in-room TV channel, allowing the hotel to easily mix and re-use content while maintaining consistency between the two communications channels.”

Today the Hilton Eliat Queen of Sheba hotel relies on our solution both for digital signage across the hotel and for content management for the guest room TV channels, showing an example to other hospitality organizations of what can be done to ensure up-to-date, attractive and easy-to-manage guest communications.
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