Ray Lewis Gifts First Two Limited-Edition Bourbon Bottles to Trump and Pence

Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon on Sale February 15.

Baltimore, MD, January 17, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Baltimore Ravens football great, Ray Lewis has gifted the first two bottles of his debut, limited 100-bottle edition of Ray’s Reserve to president-elect Donald Trump and vice president elect Mike Pence. All bottles will be available for purchase on February 15, 2017 until sold out.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with president-elect Trump and his desire to help inner city kids and provide better education opportunities for women,” said Lewis after his recent visit to Trump’s offices at Trump Tower in New York. “These issues are near and dear to my heart, and I’m glad that he shares in my vision.”

The unique Kentucky bourbon is the first of four major alcohol brands to be released through Daytoon Distributors, which Lewis co-founded and serves as CEO. The commemorative, numbered bottles given to Trump and Pence, which are the first two of only 100 bottles, are intended to be a symbolic gesture of appreciation since Lewis knows that Mr. Trump does not consume alcohol.

All profits from the sale of the first 100 bottles of Ray’s Reserve will fund the Time to Shine Scholarship & Internship Program for Women. This scholarship will assist high school female students, specifically targeting women who provide financial support for their families, by giving them a hand up to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. Time to Shine Scholarships can also be awarded to female recipients who have overcome extraordinary obstacles, including poverty, domestic violence and drug abuse.

Daytoon Distributors is Lewis’s newest venture after a football career that spanned 17 years – all with the Baltimore Ravens – and included 2,061 total tackles, 13 NFL Pro Bowl Games and two Super Bowls.

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Daytoon dā-tün n (2012) 1 : a daydream that is finely tuned 2: the moment when the sun first breaks the horizon 3: a sublime goal that fosters greatness and transcends excellence.
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