Innovation Has Finally Come to Healthcare Recruitment

With their new premier healthcare job board, eLinkXchange hopes to change the recruitment industry for employers and job seekers.

Innovation Has Finally Come to Healthcare Recruitment
Baltimore, MD, March 13, 2017 --( Ushering in a new era of online recruiting in the healthcare industry, eLinkXchange launches a unique and interactive job board with several openings from health care related recruiting companies already working on the platform.

Job seekers are turning to electronic resources to facilitate the job search process. Conversely, a growing majority of employers have moved a significant proportion of their recruitment efforts online.

Looking for a new job in the health care industry is hard work. Industry specific job search websites helps you focus your efforts on the field in which you’d like to work. However, having a health care industry job board have been a challenge to the job seekers and employers.

eLinkXchange have made it easier for employers and jobseekers by introducing the best tools for the task.

After due consideration of the need for the health care industry to have its own job board, eLinkXchange was invented. eLinkXchange job board platform allows users to search for jobs by location, and skill and apply to them directly.

According to Dwayne Rahman, the Executive Managing Director of eLink Connection (parent company of eLinkXchange), “​Employers are being forced to use outdated methods of finding new candidates and it is extremely expensive. We are disrupting this industry and providing a smarter alternative at a much lower cost.”

Top recruiters know that posting on the right job boards is a key component of any recruiting strategy.

If you're a company, national hiring recruiter or regional hiring manager in the health care industry seeking for the right job board out of different job boards online, don’t worry eLinkXchange platform will allow you post jobs for free, and interview the best candidates on its job board. eLinkXchange offers a free 30 day trial for employers, allowing them to post up to 10 jobs in 30 days for free. eLinkXchange allows employers to instantly search clinical resumes and get the best-matched candidates sent directly to their inbox. For job seekers, eLinkXchange provides a platform where one can instantly search thousands of open clinical positions and find the best job for them. In addition to a robust database of available jobs in the healthcare industry, eLinkXchange offers a wide range of articles with tips and advices on landing a job in healthcare industry.

“​eLinkXchange is changing ​the landscape for attracting health professionals,” explained Sherry Kesler, a Regional Executive for the 3rd largest privately-held Home Health & Hospice company in the United States. “The industry finally has a better option. This is an effective job board platform we can all afford. With their specialized efforts to only offer candidates with the licenses, skills and experience we need, we are able to fill our open clinical positions quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

About eLinkXchange: eLinkXchange is a health care recruiting job board that combines the essential elements of advertising, recruiting and hiring all into one convenient system. Both employers and job seekers can get exactly what they are looking for, in the most efficient way possible - which saves time, money and unnecessary frustration.
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