Orecco Electric Complete Shipment of Premium Prefabricated Compact Substation to Ethiopia

Building a reliable and trustworthy power and electric infrastructure and backup is vital for companies who wish to succeed in Africa. China's Orecco has recently added to this increased stability delivering a top-end Prefabricated Compact Substation to Ethiopia.

Orecco Electric Complete Shipment of Premium Prefabricated Compact Substation to Ethiopia
Yueqing, China, August 27, 2018 --(PR.com)-- With industry of all kinds beginning to boom in Africa in general and Ethiopia, in particular, it comes as no surprise that leading electric and power product distribution company, Wenzhou City, China-based Orecco Electric, have been quick to provide their superior catalog at very attractive price points. Now with a number of large clients in Ethiopia, as well as other parts of Africa, the Chinese company is becoming the “go to” source for regional clients with electric and power distribution and solution product needs, recently fulfilling an order for a new Prefabricated Compact Substation to the country.

“We attach great importance to the African market, where our products have very big advantages compared with those offered by European companies,” commented a spokesperson from Orecco Electric. “This is the tenth container to Ethiopian customers this year, with our original customer introducing many potential buyers to us after they visited their own site and saw the compact substation working flawlessly.”

According to Orecco, prefabricated compact substations are a unique set of compact distribution equipment which were designed to combine medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, a distribution transformer, energy metering devices and reactive power compensation devices into one or several boxes according to a certain wiring scheme, as suited to meet the individual client's particular needs. It is suitable for three-phase AC systems with a rated voltage of 11KV or 33KV for line and distribution of electrical energy, something which is in high demand for Ethiopia-based projects.

Orecco makes every effort to not only deliver the best products in their industry, but also to do so at the lowest prices, giving a chance for their clients to save resources, which can be applied elsewhere to help them grow in true win-win fashion.

The response to this kind of forward-thinking business has been passionate.

William, from Ethiopia, remarked, “When we bought the top-end prefabricated compact substation from Orecco Electric, their high quality and competitive price greatly lowered our costs immediately. The first substation imported from them has already operated for over five years without any problem, so it inspired us to introduce many friends of our friend to Orecco so they could buy the same quality of equipment from the same reliable source. Five-stars.”

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