IoTize TapNLink Wins NFC Innovation Award for Best Emerging Concept

Combination of ST25DV-I2C Dynamic NFC and BLE improves users' experiences with industrial systems

IoTize TapNLink Wins NFC Innovation Award for Best Emerging Concept
Montbonnot, France, September 11, 2018 --( On June 27th, NFC Forum announced IoTize™ TapNLink as the winner of their NFC Innovation Award for Best Emerging concept. For users of industrial systems, the TapNLink NFC-BLE module (TnL-FIR103) simplifies and secures the connection of industrial systems to information appliances such as smartphones. With the tap of a smartphone to a TapNLink equipped system, the ST25DV-I2C Dynamic NFC tag from STMicroelectronics wakes up and pairs the Bluetooth Low Energy interface and launches the appropriate app on the smartphone. Via TapNLink it is then possible to configure the system, monitor its operation, log data and update firmware using a smartphone app.

“From the inception of our technology, we included NFC – it is truly a remarkable technology for systems that require on-site connection by users,” stated Francis Lamotte, President of IoTize. “Combining these technologies in TapNLink allows us to lower unwanted RF emissions and power consumption while providing an intuitive, responsive and secure way to connect to any machine or appliance,” explained Francis Lamotte.

For companies that are integrating NFC and BLE connectivity in their products, TapNLink can be added in just minutes and with no code development or hardware redesign. TapNLink uses patented technologies to connect directly to the processor in their systems via available General-Purpose IO pins (GPIOs). All communication and security features are implemented by configuration only. This enables IoT proofs-of-concept in minutes, slashes time-to-market for fully qualified connectivity-enabled products, and facilitates their maintenance and evolution.

TapNLink NFC-BLE modules (TnL-FIR103) feature NFC connectivity based-on the ST25DV-I2C Dynamic NFC Tag IC from STMicroelectronics, offering a 13.56 MHz long-range interface and a Bluetooth Low Energy interface. “The ST25DV-I2C Fast Transfer mode and long range brings undisputed added value to the overall solution by enabling quick firmware upgrades of the ‘iotized’ system though an NFC contactless interface,” explained Francis Lamotte.

Visit the NFC Forum booth at Bluetooth World, Santa Clara, 18-19 September 2018 to learn more about NFC - Bluetooth solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things.
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