Sergei Tokarev: For One and a Half Years Lucky Labs Has Donated More Than 5,000 Books to Children's Libraries of Ukraine

Sergei Tokarev, co-founder of the international IT company Lucky Labs, spoke about the results of the company's large-scale charity project on publishing and free distribution of children's non-fiction literature in Ukrainian language.

Sergei Tokarev: For One and a Half Years Lucky Labs Has Donated More Than 5,000 Books to Children's Libraries of Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine, December 20, 2018 --( According to Sergei Tokarev, Lucky Labs has been working with charitable foundations that help children from low-income families for many years. Another area of charity is the reform of Ukrainian libraries and the creation of free space for communication, training and youth development on their basis. In the beginning of 2017, Lucky Labs initiated a large-scale educational project for teenagers in Ukraine.

“When we started working with children's libraries, we found out that one of the serious problems, especially in district and rural libraries, is the lack of modern relevant popular science literature for teenagers in Ukrainian language,” says Sergei Tokarev. “We have been working in Ukraine for a long time, and we believe that this country has a strong personnel potential. And we are interested in it increasing each passing year. Therefore, we decided to engage in educational activities and launch a project of publishing and popularizing non-fiction in Ukrainian language,” Tokarev says.

Thus, in 2017, the LuckyBooks project appeared. The main direction of its activity was to search for talented Ukrainian authors, publications and free distribution of popular science literature in the Ukrainian language in libraries and boarding schools in Ukraine.

“We decided to focus on the eastern regions of Ukraine. In today's realities, it is here that children most need help, support and motivation to develop. Well, the libraries here are much worse than the average in Ukraine. First, most of the library funds have not really been updated since the 1980s. And secondly, there was an acute shortage of high-quality Ukrainian-language literature for teenagers. We began to fill this gap,” says Lucky Labs co-founder.

For one and a half years of the project’s existence, Lucky Labs books have filled shelves of more than 150 children's libraries in the cities and villages of the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. Among others, within the LuckyBooks project, books about gadgets, biotechnologies, and mathematics have been published. At the end of 2018, three books published with the support of LuckyBooks were included in the list of recommended for public procurement for libraries across the country. Several foreign non-fiction bestsellers for teenagers were translated into Ukrainian thanks to the project. In total, Lucky Labs has distributed more than 5,000 copies of books.

“The company's employees responded to the initiative with great enthusiasm. They traveled to different cities and presented books to children, organized scientific performances and various lectures to interest teenagers and get feedback on our activities,” says Sergei Tokarev.

LuckyBooks became widely known in the Ukraine and became an active participant of public educational activities in the country. In 2018, the project became a sponsor of the children's program of the largest book exhibition in Ukraine and helped create the virtual reality project Tukoni, based on a book by a Ukrainian writer. Tukoni has already managed to visit several cities of Ukraine and receive positive reviews from critics at the book exhibition in Frankfurt.
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