Primary Gravity Harvesting Emerges as a New Alternative Energy Source, Experts Say It Will Overtake Municipal Solar by 2050

Alternative energy pump, designed for construction, firefighting and military use. Device is powered by moving weight, such as vehicles or large livestock. Demos offered in Alexandria, VA. Targeting city officials, construction contractors, military contractors, etc.

Alexandria, VA, January 24, 2019 --( The alternative energy industry just dramatically expanded beyond wind, solar, wave and hydro with the introduction of GSE’s Street Pump. The GSE Street Pump represents the first practical, dryland industrial-grade system, which is entirely energized by the force of primary gravity. We’ve all learned to respect alternative energy derived from secondary gravitational energy, like wind or hydro, but primary gravity is a long-neglected energy source. Only tidal, energized by primary gravity, is currently being tapped. Primary energy sources are generators, while secondary sources are mostly batteries.

The fundamental breakthrough of the Street Pump, is an undeniable but unaddressed key idea, “Traffic destroys roadways due to the amount of waste energy absorbed by the roadway from each passing vehicle.” GSE’s Street Pump redirects this destructive primary gravitational energy, [noise, heat, and potholes], into directed kinetic energy. Where did that huge pothole come from? We all understand that energy is added to the environment by cars, motors or pumps as heat, vibration, and noise. The Street Pump represents needed solutions to both roadway damage and water management.

The directed energy, (of moving vehicles, or livestock), is converted into a powerful vacuum which pulls a wide range of fluids or gases, (water, slurry [d90+], etc.) from one source and delivers it, (via a straight, clog resistant path), with a significant head to a near or distant sink. With medium traffic flows each Street Pump can replace a 1/2 hp electric dewatering pump. 24/7 with no fuel, sunlight or wind. Think storm runoff mitigation.

The movement of any significant weight, (cars cows, etc.) across a road or field is converted/harvested as strong vacuum pressure. This is the wasted potential energy typical of active traffic or livestock. Vacuum pressure is a primary energy source in countless applications, including off-grid electricity for municipal and emergency uses. Think off-grid street lighting.

The GSE street Pump can also be deployed in dry or gaseous applications. A Street Pump will deliver high psi compressed air/gas, for hydraulic and pneumatic applications like train crossings, runway speed mitigation, air pollution mitigation, herd controlled appliances, etc., when employed in a gaseous or dry environment. Think remote pasture watering and fence control.

This concept may sound familiar, the original device known as the Traffic Tap, was widely heralded as a breakthrough in the late ’90s by the international scientific press. Progress stalled due to the 9/11 tragedy. Now GSE’s engineers have reduced the concept to practice in a durable, reliable, affordable and powerful system. GSE is a US/Va based military contractor.

The GSE Street Pump, quickly deployed by a small crew, has numerous applications in construction, wastewater management, animal husbandry and fire fighting.

GSE Street Pumps has multi-stage internals, and is constructed of a proprietary blend of industrial grade silicon and carbon fibers, developed by GSE to resist both fire and icy condition, while maintaining maximum effectiveness.

A number of exciting options will be available later this year, including smart speed control, fire corridor generation, and automatic environmental activators. Every fire truck, construction crew, and isolated military outpost should carry multiple GSE street pumps.

For more information or scheduled demonstrations in old town Alexandria, VA please contact:

Gravitational Systems Engineer
Jazne Bembrey