New Title from Ian G. Duncum: The Impact of Church Consultancy

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Eugene, OR, April 01, 2019 --( This book follows the journey of ten churches who undertook church consultancies, and explores in depth both the consultancy and its outcomes. Pre-consultancy and post-consultancy “snapshots,” five years apart, of vitality indicators and attendance figures are compared with those of churches that have not undertaken church consultancies. Theologies of church consultancy, church health, and church growth are also developed and examined, intersecting with a wide body of literature, including contemporary ecclesiologies.

Consultancy outcomes are examined in detail. This includes interviews with pastors of some of those churches, considering whether and how the church consultancy impacted the health and growth of their church. Conclusions are drawn about the efficacy of church consultancy in influencing the health and growth of churches, as well as contexts for the best use of church consultancy.

This is a significant book for denominational leaders, theological lecturers, pastors, and church leaders as they encounter lack of health in churches and seek ways forward for greater health and impact in their local communities.

About The Author:
Dr. Ian G. Duncum has pastored churches and held denominational leadership (in church health) and research positions. He works across numerous denominations as a church consultant, intentional interim pastor, trainer, and mentor.

Ian’s passion for church health comes from leading (as a pastor) the turn-around of a church which had been in decline for 37 years to effective local mission, vitality and growth.

Ian consults with churches and nonprofits in the areas of missional effectiveness; vision and strategic planning; leadership and governance; revitalisation; church health; conflict management; pastoral transition; navigating change; crisis recovery, and more, and sees many encouraging examples of healing and renewal over the last 20 years.

Ian has authored many articles, including (with Ruth Powell) “Baptists Responding to Cultural Diversity” in Cultural Diversity, Worship, and Australian Baptist Church Life (2016). Ian is married to Joanne, a speech pathologist, and they have two sons. Ian can be contacted through
Ian Duncum Consulting
Dr. Ian G. Duncum
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Press Kit: The Impact of Church Consultancy

Press Kit: The Impact of Church Consultancy

New release book and author details, interview resources, book excerpt and endorsements