Origin Wireless Delivers Unique LifeLog-as-a-Service “LaaS” Well-Being Monitoring Solution for Elderly Care

Origin's TRM combines wireless and AI to provide 24/7 well-being monitoring with no cumbersome wearables or invasive cameras.

Origin Wireless Delivers Unique LifeLog-as-a-Service “LaaS” Well-Being Monitoring Solution for Elderly Care
Greenbelt, MD, May 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Origin Wireless™ Inc. (Origin™ in short) today announced its unique wearable-free elderly care well-being monitoring solution “LifeLog-as-a-Service™” (LaaS™ in short) based on Origin's patented Time Reversal Machine™ (TRM in short), and the WNC® “Well-being Monitoring” devices based on the Qualcomm® Mesh Networking Platform. The solution will be presented and demonstrated at Computex 2019 in Taipei.

The accelerating growth of the aging population around the world provides a great business opportunity for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), smart home service providers, elderly care service providers, and security service providers. WNC, a world-class ODM, will enable the business opportunity with their well-being monitoring devices ready for mass production and commercialization, based on Origin's TRM-based WiFi sensing available on devices designed on the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform.

Origin will further provide synergistic LaaS application design and support to enable business partners to develop front-end applications and back-end servers for speedy go-to-market. The LaaS solution enables caregivers such as family members or care service providers to monitor daily activities of the elderly and detect any alarming changes in the daily routines, such as bed times, sleep duration and quality, active/rest periods, and bathroom visits, so that the caregivers can chime in actively to provide timely and needed care and support to the elderly.

“Origin is excited to deliver the world’s first LaaS solution, working closely with Qualcomm Technologies’ and WNC, to enable caregivers to remotely monitor the well-being of the elderly through the elderly’s daily activity and sleep patterns, without cameras that intrude into privacy or uncomfortable wearables that are easily forgotten,” said Dr. Ray Liu, CEO of Origin Wireless. “The era of Smart Radios for Smart Life™ has arrived - and Origin is committed to innovate with TRM and wirelessAI™ to empower customized precision care for individuals.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is a leader in wireless mesh networks, which are transforming in-home connectivity and opening new avenues for intelligent in-home care,” said Nick Kucharewski, vice president and general manager, WIN, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Our vision for mesh networks as a central foundation for smart home innovation is exemplified by innovations like those conceived by Origin Wireless with its LaaS offering.”

“We are delighted to partner with Origin Wireless to provide a well-being monitoring solution which will bring convenience to caregivers and elderly around the world: LaaS, announced today, will be presented at Computex 2019,” said Jeffrey Gau, President and CEO of WNC. “With our experience in the wireline and wireless communications fields, WNC will continue offering technical support that enables our partners to quickly implement exciting new capabilities into their existing systems.”

About Origin Wireless
Origin Wireless is leading the world in RF sensing. Protected by over 100 patents, its award-winning TRM technology applies artificial intelligence to analyze wireless signals to enable locationing with centimeter accuracy, tracking, navigation, security, presence detection, fall-down detection, in addition to motion detection and breathing monitoring, in smart home, building, enterprise and factory applications with high performance, low cost, and ease of use.

About WNC
Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge communication products. WNC’s technical expertise ranges across applications from broadband, broadcasting, multimedia, and the IoT to wireline and wireless communications, with product scope covering solutions in network communications, digital home products, satellite broadcasting, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). For more information, please visit: http://www.wnc.com.tw/.

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