Broadcasting For America Bringing Progressive Voices to Talk Radio

Crowd Funding Radio Air Time to Disrupt Conservative Talk Stations.

Broadcasting For America Bringing Progressive Voices to Talk Radio
Redlands, CA, August 08, 2019 --( Voices out of the blue will be coming to conservative radio stations near you.

Broadcasting For America is designed to create "interference" with right wing Talk Radio.

Using grass roots donations, BFA will buy air time on conservative talk stations in order to bring progressive voices and viewpoints to red state voters. These radio programs will rebroadcast Town Hall meetings and speeches by candidates and former candidates who are getting no coverage on the stations.

This is Crowd Funding Radio! Anyone can donate to Broadcasting For America.

Each time a total of $1,000 is donated by supporters of an individual candidate, former candidate or progressive cause, BFA will buy airtime on one more station and put yet another progressive voice on the air.

Donations will be made on the ActBlue fundraising platform which is linked to the image of each presidential hopeful. This allows each donor to show their preference for a candidate and it allows BFA to establish the ratio of airtime provided to each candidate or progressive cause.

Work from home volunteers are needed and direct donations to BFA are needed to help cover operating costs.

This is an independent "527" political committee; FEC ID C00711218.

Broadcasting For America is not affiliated with any campaign or the Democratic Party.

BFA is the brainchild of Fred Lundgren, CEO of KCAA Radio, a News/Talk station licensed to Loma Linda, California.
Fred Lundgren