Life as a Vacation - Official Book Release

Living our life as a vacation.

Life as a Vacation - Official Book Release
Orlando, FL, August 19, 2019 --( International Vacation Property Expert Craig Shawn Williamson announces the release of first book, "LIFE AS A VACATION: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacation Rental Property."

VRP Equity Managing Director and international vacation property expert Craig Shawn Williamson is pleased to announce the release of his first book, "LIFE AS A VACATION: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacation Rental Property." For over twenty years, Williamson has been fortunate enough to advise thousands of individuals, couples, and families who have transformed their lives by investing in vacation properties around the globe.

There are more opportunities in the Vacation Rental Property (VRP) industry than ever before. To explain how to succeed, Williamson gathered insights from an array of industry experts and resources to bring two decades of knowledge, tactics, and VRP experiences to readers. "LIFE AS A VACATION: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacation Rental Property" provides a solid foundation of knowledge to investors looking to create a truly spectacular lifestyle. Its topics include:

Defining VRP: What is VRP? Where is VRP? Why invest in VRP? Who invests in VRP?

The Business of VRP: Your VRP Business Plan, Industry/Market Analysis, Customer Analysis, Your Operational Plan, Your Marketing Plan

Your Product, Your Home: Architecture, Design, Construction, Developments, Trends

Location: Where to invest to enjoy the highest ROI

VRP Positioning: Stand Alone Vacation Home Rentals? Resorts with VRP? Branded VRP Resort Developments?

Purchasing Your VRP: How to Build Your VRP Team, Existing or New Construction, VRP Financial Projections

Operating Your Business: DIY vs. Third-Party Management, Pricing Strategies

For those who embark on a Vacation Rental Property investment without doing their homework, problems can and do arise. Others do okay, but find they are not maximizing profits and cannot reach their goals. By reading this book, investors will have a leg-up. VRP is more than the marketing and cleaning of a vacation home. There is a massive array of variables in this business. Author Craig Shawn Williamson has consulted and worked with the best in the industry and seen its rapid evolution. This book is a gift to those determined dreamers who need a solid foundation of knowledge to chase their vision of a spectacular life.

About Craig Shawn Williamson: Internationally recognized expert and author in the field of Vacation Rental Property, Craig Shawn Williamson has been involved in the vacation home industry since 2003. His VRP Developer Plan sells out projects in under two years at market price or higher. His guidance to private and institutional investors has yielded consistent results in US and International investments in the Vacation Residential industry.

With an international real estate career spanning 30 years, he has trained and managed thousands of staff members and overseen countless transactions in locations around the United States and the world. A former executive in the real estate division of the Four Seasons, Williamson has acted as the international real estate investment adviser for a diverse array of real estate investment firms, governmental agencies, major corporations, and high net worth private investors. From presidents and presidential candidates to professional athletes, from music superstars to YouTube personalities and influencers, from private investors to top tier investment, residential, and hospitality companies, to real estate companies both large and small, all over the world, Williamson has consulted and advised thousands on this growing industry sector. For more information, visit
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