EZswap.net Offers Cryptocurrency Traders What Other Platforms Have Denied Them - Anonymity

Developed by Innovative Solutions, the creators of successful mining application BetterHash, EZSwap.net was conceived to address critical complaints cryptocurrency investors voiced about the existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The resulting platform executes crypto exchanges that are anonymous, fast and inexpensive.

EZswap.net Offers Cryptocurrency Traders What Other Platforms Have Denied Them - Anonymity
Tallinn, Estonia, September 01, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Featuring advanced security, transparent transactions, and no account registration or permanent usernames, EZSwap.net is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform to truly play to the strengths of blockchain technology.

EZSwap.net stores no currency itself, reducing its vulnerability to hacks. Orders are processed through a secure, single-use escrow account that disappears once the transaction is complete. By offering a low minimum transaction amount and charging a fixed, flat transfer fee instead of a percentage, EZSwap.net makes larger transactions even more profitable to traders.

EZSwap.net offers crypto traders a simple, user-friendly interface for both desktop or mobile browsers. The home page displays all transactions in progress, whether buying or selling, in order of price. Most transactions are processed under the generic username “anonymous,” but the user can select a transaction-specific, one-time username to identify their own in-progress transaction on the homepage at a glance.

To initiate a trade, users use a prominently-placed dropdown menu to select a currency pair to exchange. Buttons then appear to specify a “Buy” order (a request for currency) or “Sell” order (an offer of currency). Both "Buy" and "Sell" orders follow a similar user journey following that selection. From the ensuing pop-up window, trades can be specified as a “Market Order” or “Limit Order.” Market orders transfer more quickly, processing as soon as coins reach the escrow account at market rates. Limit orders allow the user to set their own price. A “recommended price” is offered for limit orders that users can accept with one click.

Once the order type is specified, users are asked to enter the wallet into which the received coins are to be deposited. Other information may be requested depending on the currency, but this information is optional.

EZSwap.net then provides the user with an escrow wallet ID into which to transfer the currency. This is the user’s last step. The user can then track the transaction’s progress in real-time on a transaction status page. The status page can also be used to set a single-use username for the transaction or to change the exchange price on a limit order.

When the transaction is complete, a confirmation page breaks down how the transaction was split up and the price of each sub-exchange within the transaction. Speed of transfer depends on the currency. For example, ETH and XRP transfer faster than BTG or XMR.

Users also save money and increase the profitability of their anonymous trades with EZSwap.net. Rather than charging a percentage of the exchange, the platform charges a low, fixed flat fee. The fee does not scale with the size of the transaction, meaning the larger the trade, the greater the savings.

EZSwap.net is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Any issues with a cryptocurrency exchange can be referred to prompt, friendly live customer support.

Product page link: https://www.ezswap.net
Innovative Solutions
Daniel Statescu
Main Exchange Interface

Main Exchange Interface

Select cryptocurrency to exchange and action.

Exchange in Progress

Exchange in Progress

Waiting for the exchange to finish. The price and displayed username can be updated while waiting.

Exchange finished

Exchange finished

Exchange finished, all details are displayed, including individual trade information.