New Energy Meter From Martinson Machine Shows How Much Money You Spend in Real-Time

How about being able to monitor electricity consumption? And knowing that “we can reduce the cost of power outages by over 75 percent and save America over $150 billion” (Electric Power Research Institute). Energy consumers usually never check their energy meter. Therefore, they may be wasting energy by thousands per year. Nevertheless, this is over because of a new energy meter that keep track of energy consumption thus making it accessible and easy to understand as never before.

New Energy Meter From Martinson Machine Shows How Much Money You Spend in Real-Time
Gainesville, FL, September 18, 2019 --( How about being able to monitor electricity consumption? And knowing that “we can reduce the cost of power outages by over 75 percent and save America over $150 billion” (source: Electric Power Research Institute).

This is the proposal of the energy meter (Martinson Smart Meter) developed by the company Martinson Machine, by the engineer Rodrigo Henrique Martinson Santos. “What makes us stand out is our display, which translates technical information into data that can easily be understood by the consumer,” says Rodrigo Martinson. “Having access to data remotely has been an advancement in recent years, replacing those conventional meters that were known by 'electricity meter.' Our innovation is being able to read electricity data in a way that anyone can understand their consumption in monetary representation," he added.

To contextualize the importance of this innovation, Martinson Machine emphasizes the fact that we are in a time when everything is controlled. The data package on a mobile phone, internet consumption, the number of friends on social networks, everything can be measured and monitored. If there are disagreements, the user can decrease usage, add load, decide the actions. “But when it comes to electricity consumption, without new smart meters, this is not yet possible.”

With the equipment developed by the engineer Rodrigo Martinson, consumers will be able to know how much energy was consumed on any given date. For example, today consumers do not know what they will spend until the end of the month and how much they will pay. Nor will they know what the period was or the cycle that was measured if the user doesn't read the bill in detail. "With our meter installed in your home, you will be able to look at the display and know how much you have spent so far. With this information, you can maintain or change your habits," says the creator of Martinson Smart Meter.

Energy savings x differentiated tariffs

Considered the first meter with an intelligent display, this device also contributes to a worldwide issue: energy usage awareness. As we increase the exploitation of natural resources, there is a depletion of raw material and, therefore, the prioritization and valorization of consumer awareness are very important.

And Rodrigo warns: “Energy is limited.” According to him, as much as we can in the near future, capture all the energy that comes from all renewable sources; transmission, and distribution systems are technically limited.

For this reason, within the American reality, the engineer remembers the differentiated tariffs that were created after situations of collapse and large blackouts. "One of the solutions that some utility companies have put in place to discourage energy waste has been to offer consumers cheaper rates for those who use energy at off-peak hours, and more expensive rates for those who do the opposite," explains Rodrigo. These peak hours vary from company to company but are usually between 6 pm and 10 pm.

Behavior change

As proven in Google and IBM’s study in Dubuque, Iowa, 2012, it was shown that informed people tend to change their spending habits. In this experiment, 2,000 families were notified by email of daily consumption. As a result, there was an 11% reduction in consumption and a change in behavior in 78% of the participants. Therefore, knowing how much has been spent in a one-hour shower, the consumer will decide whether to continue spending the same amount of time in the shower. Applying the same reality throughout the country in 2018 this would represent savings of nearly 400,000 GWh / year, which in monetary value is equivalent to about 40 billion dollars in savings for the population.


As the equipment outputs data to the user's mobile phone, any changes in consumption may be monitored in real-time. If a homeowner has turned everything off and left home, the system will notify the customer if something was turned on. And if it wasn't the homeowner, there's someone else in the house.

Late Payment/Power interruption

In the case of a customer not paying the utility bill, instead of the utility company sending professionals to cut and later to reconnect power, everything can be done remotely. Also, if the home is out of power, notification calls to the utility company won’t be necessary. The system is able to identify power outage, open an opportunity for prepaid options as well.

About the company

Currently, the technology developed by Rodrigo Martinson is also being developed focusing on the North American market. His project has already been approved by the University of Florida technology department and by the technology department of Itajuba-MG (Brazil).

The project was developed by Rodrigo Martinson and has been located in the city of Gainesville-FL, within the program of the Incubator of Technology-Based Companies (The HUB | UF Innovate). The growth projection includes the construction of a factory in the United States or the beginning of activities in partnership with American companies.
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New energy meter shows how much dollars you spend in real-time.