An Individualized Path to Healing Through Equine Therapy

How Horses Healed a Mother and Her Son After a Devastating Loss

An Individualized Path to Healing Through Equine Therapy
Denver, CO, October 11, 2019 --( Tracy Boone and her 13-year-old son Elijah, from Colorado, have been working with horses for almost seven years. However, they don't always ride. The Boones specialize in equine-assisted philosophy which is experiential learning with horses. Last week, their foundation, Elijah’s Path to Healing was featured on Channel 9 News and captured the hearts of the journalists. The television feature has created increased exposure in helping the foundation get even closer to achieving their goal of traveling across the country bringing support and resources to children who have lost a parent.

In 2012, Tracy Boone and her young son, Elijah, lost their happily ever after when Reid, Tracy’s beloved husband, and Elijah’s dad died. Tracy was left a widow and Elijah fatherless without his hero. Although fighting the brain disease Reid had was difficult, Tracy realized that the healing process might be even more difficult especially for her young son of six years. Sadly, she was right.

"Whenever you go through a traumatic experience you can’t forget it. It’s like a scar," Elijah says. "It’s with you. Over time it heals, but it never really goes away."

The mission of the foundation is to provide resources to grieving widows and children who have lost a parent - resources like equine-assisted philosophy, workshops, and retreats, prayer groups, access to medical practitioners who specialize in children’s development needs, grief therapists, financial advisors and even a photographer for new family portraits. The foundation is actively raising funds to purchase a Keystone Raptor 429 and a F450 Duely to set up communities across America.

Boone describes a horse's response as a mirror of yourself. Horses can pick up on anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injuries, behavioral issues and a range of other mental health problems and past traumas. "You get someone with anxiety like we had, and you walk up to a horse and you start brushing it, right? It calms you and you start to get into connection again,” Boone said.

About Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation: The foundation provides paths to healing through relationships, community, and partnerships for the widows and the fatherless using a faith-based model. Partnerships and donations allow the foundation to offer widows and their children a community of support and hope through specialized services and education.
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