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MobilDrTech to Launch Low-Cost Telemedicine Exam Cam / ENT Kit for RNK Products

No longer do telemedicine providers need to spend thousands for a decent general examination camera. MobilDrTech, in collaboration with RNK Products, is pleased to introduce the RExCam Kit, RNK's new examination camera kit and finished USB Exam Cams.

MobilDrTech to Launch Low-Cost Telemedicine Exam Cam / ENT Kit for RNK Products
Houston, TX, November 18, 2019 --( MobilDrTech, Inc. is pleased to have been selected by RNK Products, Inc. (RNK), a pioneer in telemedicine stethoscopes and medical devices, to launch their new exam camera kit which breaks the barrier for value in a price sensitive market. Now there is a camera that providers can economically deploy across their programs.

Those in the market for telemedicine exam cameras, know that the market has, until now, priced out many providers due to the high price of available devices. Now there is a product that can be affordably used at virtually every telemedicine site.

RNK has designed special components and software that can be used with off-the-
shelf HD webcams to create a low cost, high quality exam cam with ENT (ear, nose, throat) capabilities.

MobilDrTech will offer parts kits for customers who want DIY components and a fully finished plug-and-play Exam Camera that is ready for clinic use right out of the box. The pricing is extremely attractive. MobilDrTech will offer a Logitech C920 Camera with Light Ring Kit for $178 and a kit that also includes the Otoscope Speculum for $277. Fully finished USB Exam Cams are available at only $249 for the base camera and $348 for the Exam Cam with the optional otoscope speculum. (See RExCam Kits Datasheet)

The RExCam Kit includes a software app (SDK is also available) that enables critical camera control, plus two custom designed hardware elements:

• A custom designed Light Ring attaches to the webcam so it can operate independently of ambient lighting. In addition to enhanced viewing of wounds and dermatology sites, the Light Ring enables clear, sharp viewing of
the throat.

• A custom designed optics enhanced Speculum is inserted into the center of the Light Ring to enable viewing into the ear canal or nostril. The custom Speculum accepts off-the-shelf disposable speculum tips.

For over 10 years, MobilDrTech has been providing industry leading telemedicine equipment and helping customers find high quality, cost-effective solutions for their clinical services. We are privileged to be working with RNK and look forward to bringing the RExCam Kit and derivative products to market.

MobilDrTech will be selling the RExCam Kit from its’ online store at and to customers directly in U.S. and international markets. Kits and cameras are available now and will ship free via Fedex 2-day.

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