Stop Fuel Card Fraud with the New BlueArrow Fuel App

BlueArrow Telematics is proud to announce the release of their proprietary fuel card integration App, BlueArrow Fuel that automates and monitors fuel card use and abuse with one simple, convenient application.

Raleigh, NC, December 06, 2019 --( The Problem

Fuel card fraud affects businesses from all industries with all sizes of fleets. Using fuel cards is the first step in combating company misuse of credit cards by locking down employee spending to fuel purchases only. While this is a great first step it still fails to address employees using these fuel cards to purchase gas for personal vehicles.

“After speaking with dozens of our customers about how to put a stop to fuel card abuse, we hired an integration team and developed what may be the most user-friendly Fuel Integration App on the market,” says BlueArrow Telematics founder and CEO Stuart Lamm.

Because fuel accounts for over 70 percent of overall fleet operating expenses, implementing a fuel theft prevention program is essential to every enterprise’s bottom line.

The Savings

“We expected to see an average of 10% savings by integrating the BlueArrow Fuel card with telematics data,” said Lamm. “But the savings we’re seeing in a short amount of time has been astounding.”

Early adopters of the program are reducing fuel spending by an average 16%. Fleet managers attribute this directly to eliminating misuse of company credit cards by using the BlueArrow Fuel card.

A customer's ROI has typically been less than one month after full implementation of BlueArrow Fuel. It’s well known that every company wants to eliminate fuel theft but until now it has been a labor-intensive task where oversights are common. With this technology a manager will be notified right away if employees are "testing the waters" with fraudulent transactions. If an employee is stealing from a company using the fuel card, then how likely is it they will take from a company in many other ways as well?

How Does It Work?

The BlueArrow Fuel App integrates with most fuel card and GPS service providers, combining and reading data to determine if the vehicle was at the gas station at the time of the fuel transaction and if the fuel purchased actually went into the vehicle.

Whenever the App detects a fraudulent transaction, the account owner is notified so they can take care of the issue before it becomes a habit. No more wasting hours each week manually monitoring every fuel card and vehicle in your fleet.

Fuel Card Providers

Currently supporting multiple fuel card platforms, BlueArrow Fuel will continue to add more providers based on usage and per client request.

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