Plymouth Pharmaceuticals and Dermatologist Cited in ‘Skin and Allergy News’ Regarding Drug’s (Acunol™) Role in Preventing Jewelry Allergy

Tulsa, OK, April 10, 2008 --( The respected journal “Skin & Allergy News” recently released “Nickel Named Contact Allergen of the Year” in its current issue. Researcher Dr Katherine A Zug, of the Department of Dermatology at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH, has published her results in the journal “Dermatitis.”

“With the rising incidence of nickel allergy in the United States and elsewhere, high nickel sensitization rates documented in children, and a resurgent issue of biomedical device complications [specifically, nickel allergy] due to metal, to dismiss nickel’s importance and relevance to public health and skin disease would be a mistake” said Dr Zug.

Alluding to the drug Acunol™ and its nickel content Dr Zug theorized that “perhaps oral nickel intake can actually aid in... preventing sensitization from cutaneous nickel exposure through immune tolerance induction.”

Dermatologist, Steven A. Smith, MD, FACP, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and current president of Plymouth Pharmaceuticals, has been using medications such as Acunol™ to treat nickel allergies in his patients and is currently working on a new formulation to address this rising rate of nickel sensitivity.

“Dr Zug and the North American Contact Dermatitis Group [NACDG] have shown the number of patients who patch tested positive for nickel has grown from 10.5% in 1985-1990 to 18.8% in 2003-2004. And of 391 children patched tested by the NACDG in 2001-2004, 28% had a positive patch test to nickel and 26% were thought to have a nickel allergy of either current or past relevance. Obviously this is a problem that is not going away,” said Dr Smith. He went on to cite that in patients undergoing endovascular stenting, nickel allergy may be associated with stent restenosis.

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