Live Sympli Offers Alternative to Traditional Furniture Rental or Buy Models

Live Sympli Offers Sustainability Through Charitable Donations.

Live Sympli Offers Alternative to Traditional Furniture Rental or Buy Models
Denver, CO, February 04, 2020 --( Live Sympli announced today the launch of their new furniture subscription service, Live Sympli understands that average Americans move 11.7 times throughout their lifetime (2018,, so they are offering a green solution for anyone going through life changes. Many reasons contribute to the need to move, such as: buying or renting a new residence, pursuing a job opportunity, attending college, or a change in marital status. Live Sympli is the first furniture leasing company to exclusively deliver only brand-new furniture on every rental, while allowing their subscribers to personally select the charitable organization to donate the rental furniture at the end of their lease.

Live Sympli was created to provide a resource to obtain brand new furniture without the costs and inconveniences of buying, moving, or disposing of it. Currently, disposal of furniture is estimated at 13% of total landfill waste, and an additional 9.8 million tons a year (2018, Live Sympli provides a solution by renting only brand-new furniture that can be repurposed and kept out of landfills. “We have created a simple way to experience brand new furniture – while protecting our environment and improving the lives of others through charitable donations,” says owner, Charles Green. allows guests to choose from fully furnished home collections, curated rooms, or channel their inner interior designer by selecting furniture items individually. Brand new furniture is then delivered by their White Glove delivery service and set up as requested by the subscriber. All furniture is completely assembled and staged exactly where you want it. Live Sympli will continue to expand its online furniture selection, including adding products that are constructed from ecologically friendly resources.

About Live Sympli
The company was founded by Charles Green who has spent his career in the furniture industry. Live Sympli currently services all of Colorado with plans to expand into other major metropolitan markets.
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