Tulix to Offer Complementary CDN Services to K-12 Schools During CONVID-19 Crisis

Tulix to Offer Complementary CDN Services to K-12 Schools During CONVID-19 Crisis
Atlanta, GA, March 19, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Tulix Systems Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia) have announced today that they will be offering complementary live streaming and CDN services to K-12 schools to assist with online learning during the likely school shutdown in the coming weeks. The initiative will be available to schools nationally.

The on-going situation with COVID-19 is requiring schools to rapidly deploy online classes in order to meet social distancing and education requirements. Online education technologically is an often complicated workflow, with multiple technology pieces and a high user experience threshold. Tulix believes that the quickest and most efficient way to support schools is to help them with CDN (Content Distribution Network) technology and consultation on streaming workflows.

“We will provide complimentary CDN and streaming services that allows schools to offer their existing online class platforms with peace of mind. I believe that this step will help make online education easier for schools from both a technical and financial perspective," said Tulix EVP Dr. Nino Doijashvili, who is managing the project.

Schools that are in need of help or support in facilitating online classes during this time are encouraged to contact Tulix at info@tulix.com or 404 584-5035 (x 2150).

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