A Young Sea Otter's True-Life Adventure Teaches Young Readers About Marine Wildlife in New Children's Book "Sabby the Sea Otter"

Young readers will be thrilled with the new children's book "Sabby the Sea Otter," which presents the true story of a how a real-life sea otter pup and his mom were reunited, while teaching fun sea otter facts and an important lesson about how human activity affects wildlife.

A Young Sea Otter's True-Life Adventure Teaches Young Readers About Marine Wildlife in New Children's Book "Sabby the Sea Otter"
Fresno, CA, April 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- A sea otter pup and his mom face the dangers of the human-made environment -- and teach young readers about marine wildlife and conservation -- in the new children's book "Sabby the Sea Otter: A Pup's True Adventure and Triumph" by Kim Steinhardt.

Steinhardt, a noted environmental advocate and wildlife photographer, presents an amazing story for young readers based on an actual event involving a young sea otter pup and its mother.

Illustrated throughout with Steinhardt's superb photos of real-life sea otters in action, "Sabby the Sea Otter" engages readers with delightful images of these highly photogenic creatures, while telling a story that subtly shows how humans impact natural habitats.

Sabby the Sea Otter is just a young pup, but his mom is teaching him everything about how to be a sea otter -- how to dive underwater, how to find food in the ocean, and how to stay safe in a world full of danger. Sabby is insatiably curious -- he wants to know everything about the bay he and his mom live in.

But one day, despite all his mom's warnings, Sabby's curiosity gets him in trouble when a rushing tide traps him in a human-made hazard, a great big pipe filled with water.

Now Sabby needs to learn how to survive on his own, while his mom fights every obstacle, including crossing a dangerous road, to find Sabby and make sure he's safe.

Sabby and his mother are safely reunited and live happy sea otter lives, but the story gives young readers a glimpse at how human activity can endanger wildlife.

Additional resources in the back of the book provide young readers and their parents with more information about marine life and habitats.

Combining an adventure, a heartwarming story of parental love, a happy ending, an important environmental message and magnificent photographs of the cutest animals who have ever lived, "Sabby the Sea Otter" is a treat for young readers and their parents.

About the Author:
Kim Steinhardt is a writer and award-winning marine wildlife photographer whose stories and photos interpret the natural world for all ages and audiences. He has been an adviser and photo contributor to the National Geographic Kids Explore My World series, and his work appears in other publications and on TV. In 2017, Steinhardt co-authored "The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California's Coast," and he frequently writes and presents regarding sea otters, coastal advocacy, and the often-troubled relationship between humans and nature. He also serves as president of the board of directors of the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Book Details:
Title: Sabby the Sea Otter: A Pup's True Adventure and Triumph
Author: Kim Steinhardt
Publisher: Craven Street Books, an imprint of Linden Publishing
Publication Date: March 31, 2020
Price: $17.95 US
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals / Mammals
ISBN 978-1-61035-353-3
9" x 9" hardback, 32 pages, 40 full-color photographs. Also available in e-book formats.

Available from bookstores, online booksellers and Craven Street Books (1-800-345-4447, CravenStreetBooks.com).
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