Bridging Challenges and Solutions: Point Spread Media Enters Corporate Funding Round

All sportsbooks are closed and there are no sports being played. This may not seem like the ideal environment to be part of a sports betting media venture, but the Founders of Point Spread Media see opportunity a midst the COVID-19 down-turn and are preparing to set a new standard in sports betting media entertainment. The company has released a Private Placement Memorandum to announce that a Corporate Funding Round has been initiated.

Bridging Challenges and Solutions: Point Spread Media Enters Corporate Funding Round
Las Vegas, NV, April 22, 2020 --( Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has all non-essential businesses in the state closed until the end of month, leaving Nevada's gambling industry in a state of distress. While this may seem like a terrible time to begin new ventures in support of the betting industry, Point Spread Media sees instead a world filled with opportunities, and company founders are launching a Corporate Funding Round to facilitate the ability to capitalize on many of these opportunities.

Particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 down turn is the legal sports betting industry. Not only is the walk-up retail betting business closed to the public, but mobile betting options have been further paralyzed by the fact that no sports are being played anyway. This is not only a challenge for sports fans and betting operators, but also for companies like Point Spread Media, who serve as a bridge connecting the two.

No Sports? No Problem.

“There's obviously nothing we can do to change the reality that professional sports leagues have suspended play,” said Jerry Garner, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. “What is important is to remember that these times are temporary, and to prepare ourselves to hit the ground running when the world returns to normal.”

Garner believes that when the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic subsides are professional sports return, we will see not just a renewed demand for sports entertainment, but a massively expanded demand. This expanded demand for sports entertainment will be reflected directly in the betting side of that market, and Point Spread Media has created an enviable market position, being both the publisher of the leading magazine and the creator of the leading broadcast platform in the industry.

Solving Complicated Problems

Garner's views are mirrored by his business partner, Point Spread Media Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Rod Myers. Myers views the current state of the industry as a problem-solution scenario, noting that those who can provide solutions to the problems people currently face will position themselves as a leader in the field.

“A lot of businesses are suffering, and in many cases we're able to provide solutions to the problems they are facing,” Myers has been quoted as saying.

Myers explains that the company routinely encounters distressed radio station owners who need help keeping their station on the air. The typical problem involves a radio station that can barely keep up with royalty costs due to declining sales figures. Point Spread Media removes the royalties by providing a revolutionary new format for radio programming, and because their sales are conducted at a national level, they are able to help struggling stations realize record profits.

“These guys were barely making it before, and sweeping shut downs have hurt them worse than ever before,” Myers continued. “We feel fortunate to be in a position to turn things around for some of our country's struggling business owners.”

Taking It to the Next Level

Despite the challenges of the present environment, Point Spread Media sees not only a bright future, but also a present that is rich with opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires capitalization, which has led to a plan that will raise the capital required to achieve the goals the company has set.

“Most companies see their greatest success when they are solving important problems,” Garner stated, “and in many ways we are lucky to find ourselves in a position where we have the ability to serve as the path between problems and solutions.”

In order to raise the capital required to create and expand the infrastructure needed to take advantage of relevant opportunities, the company has opened a Corporate Funding Round. Not only is this round used to raise capital, but also to form long-term strategic partnerships with companies that compliment Point Spread Media's vision.

Sorry, Not Open to the General Public

The funding round is governed by a Private Placement Memorandum, which serves as the legally binding framework for the offer. Under the memorandum, company founders have agreed to sell up to 35% of total equity in the company to raise an estimated $15 million in working capital. Funds raised under the partnership agreement will be used to advance the company's publishing, broadcasting and mobile content initiatives.

To remain compliant with relevant securities laws, this investment opportunity is restricted and is not available to the general public. Point Spread Media claims a Regulation D filing exemption under Section 4(a)(2), Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act. This means that only accredited investors are able to invest in the company during this Corporate Funding Round.

The good news is that many people may already be accredited investors and not even realize it. A complete list of qualifications is available in the Investor Relations section of the company website, but to keep it short, anyone who earns at least $200,000 per year or who has a net worth of at least $1,000,000 (excluding your primary residence) probably qualifies for this investment opportunity.

Full Speed Ahead

Not willing to let a little thing like a global pandemic bring their vision to a halt, Point Spread Media is moving full speed ahead with anticipation of a post-COVID future. Upon closing the current funding round, the company's publishing and broadcasting activities will be operating at full capacity.

Point Spread Magazine will be launched by the company as a digital publication and will operate in this capacity for the first six months while gaining market position. The print version of the magazine will utilize multiple newsstand distribution channels and will debut as the most widely distributed print publication devoted to the topic of sports betting.

The company's broadcasting division is dominated by Point Spread Radio, the nation's first radio network built from the ground up with sports bettors in mind. The network originates programming from a flagship station based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is securing agreements to expand this programming to 31 additional markets.

The company is inviting all accredited investors to evaluate this opportunity to join us into turning a bad situation into a prosperous one. Complete access to business documents is granted after completing a simple enrollment questionnaire on the Point Spread Media website.

About Point Spread Media

Point Spread Media is a multi-channel media company engaged in publishing, broadcasting and mobile content delivery, all with a focus on the legal sports betting market. The company's flagship platforms include Point Spread Radio, the nation's first radio platform launched from the ground up with sports bettors in mind, and Point Spread Magazine, the most widely distributed print publication dedicated to sports betting in America. The company also operates Point Spread Rewards, a incentive marketing program that rewards users for their participation and allows them to get paid for listening to the radio or reading articles online.
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