Hotel and Cruise Line Guests Can Now "Break the Seal" and Stay with Confidence with SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED(TM)

Company provides random testing of hotel rooms and cruise line cabins to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting to give travelers peace of mind.

Hotel and Cruise Line Guests Can Now "Break the Seal" and Stay with Confidence with SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED(TM)
San Diego, CA, May 06, 2020 --( As the hospitality industry is carefully enhancing their current cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of their guests, a U.S. company has emerged with a solution to provide an important key component in bringing occupancy back to pre-COVID-19 levels and provide guests with trust and confidence that their rooms are safe. SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ announced today that they are ready to assist the hospitality industry in this global effort.

Bert Rhine, CEO of SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED said Tuesday, “Although we are confident that most hotel and cruise line companies are utilizing effective and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, at the same time they clearly understand that it is far too important for them to self-police their own efforts. We firmly believe it’s imperative that the hotels engage with a qualified, independent third-party company, such as ours, to give them clear and unbiased data on a regular basis so that they can consistently vet their protocols. SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED will give business and leisure travelers’ confidence and peace–of-mind as they begin returning and booking travel with hotels and cruise lines.”

“SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED contracts, then visits each of our hotel and cruise line properties and vessels worldwide, unannounced, once a month, to randomly sample and test a minimum of 5% of their guest rooms or cabins to ensure that they are consistently delivering a safe environment for their guests,” explained R. Scott Memmott, the company’s COO. “Once cleaned and disinfected, every room receives the SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ Seal that crosses the door and jamb every time it’s cleaned, so when a guest opens the door to their room they literally ‘Break the Seal’ knowing that their room has not been compromised and that no one has entered since it was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We sincerely believe that engaging the services of SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ will help the entire industry to create a real sense of security going forward.”

Currently the company is laser focused on helping bring back confidence and peace-of-mind to the travel and hospitality industry. They also plan to work with businesses across our country helping customers feel confident that the stores they shop at and the restaurants they eat in have also been properly cleaned and sanitized.

The company has engaged the services of microbiologists and diagnostic experts to design proper sampling and testing protocols to establish standards necessary to give a room, cabin or business the Safe-Room Certification.

SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED LLC has offices in San Diego, California and Boise, Idaho. Utilizing sampling and testing protocols developed by professionals in the biochemistry industry, SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED will be working closely with the hotel and cruise industry providing ongoing data to assist their clients with staying current and consistent with their cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

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