Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Honors New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Honors New Members
Farmingdale, NY, June 03, 2020 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to honor their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Artic Wilcox--Cleaning
Theresa Ann Pope--Food
Chris Ruckman--Real Estate
Charles A. Mausbach--Financial
Brandon K. Smiley--Community Service
Victoria E. Accordino--Healthcare
Jennifer M. Kendall--Massage Therapy
Karen E. Fountain--Real Estate
Debbie C. Reid--Education
Jana L. Archard--Retail/Music Products
Judith M. Lawrence--Beauty
David R. Rodgers--Art
Forrester (Tim) A. Clark Jr.--Government
Mark F. Stonesifer--Author
Sharon E. Pringle--E-Commerce
Taylor B. Hahn--Healthcare
Lynn Marie Leube--Agriculture/Nursery
Houphouet T. Harper--Education
Robert L. Campbell--Hospitality/Recreation
Ken P. Cox--Information Technology
James I. Diala--Healthcare
Lawrence G. Lacey Jr.--Swimming Pools
Steven C. Lindner--Music
Jeffrey S. Lee--Automotive
Christy Knutson--Home Improvement
Marielie I. Bourdon--E-Commerce
Angie Y. Gifford--Human Services
Ann I. Jewell--Research
Zonia L. Flores--Healthcare
David C. Farrell--Legal
Margie Lamons Byrd--Electronics
Sidney T. Manning--Engineering
Jeanique M. Pierre Reid--Medical
Vladlen Livit--Financial
Christina M. Pritchard--Healthcare
Abiodun Sanni--Financial
Larry Reed--Industrial Valves
Brian S. Vierling--Government/Transportation
Terra J. Engelhart--Education
Jessica R. Lackey--Healthcare
Priscilla C. Washington--Healthcare
Katherine B. Borrett--Veterinary Medicine
Jasmine Clinton--Janitorial
Clint A. Bergeron--Education
Lori L. Sea--Nonprofit
Luis C. Williams--Beauty
Melissa K. Fairrington--Retail/Food
Frances L. Redinger--Healthcare
Catherine C. Masterson--Healthcare
Cynthia C. Hill--Government
Stephen E. Barr--Notary/Legal Services
Charles U. Young--Author
Michele T. DelPrete--Education
Raquel Montero--Healthcare
Salvatore M. Moretti--Culinary
Andre L. Youngblood--Insurance
Daina C. Bustillos--Real Estate
SeJohn Emmons--Construction Safety
Jeffery L. Colby--Beauty
Jacqueline D. Elam--Healthcare
Tracy Riley Baldwin--Religion
Barbara K. Daniels--Publishing
Sandra Sowards Hinderer--Culinary
Amanda B. Seigler--Nonprofit
Patricia M. Dukofsky--Marketing
Stephanie Sauceda Manuel--Agriculture
Felicha S. Jones--Nonprofit/Education
John G. Turner--Plastics
Robert E. New--Retail/Home Improvement
DeRonald C. Bradford--Education
Steven B. Johnson--HVAC
Daniel L. Bairefoot--Transportation
Amber N. Austin--Financial
Tracey A. Stevens--Education
Rebecca L. Judson--Retail/Grocery
Denise A. Stephens--Real Estate
Thomas P. Bowyer--Utility
Valrie Kemp-Davis--Author
Irene L. Muller--Real Estate
Cathy A. Carroll--Real Estate
Sara-jane Carella--Community Service
Bruce R. Rowell--Food
Holly B. Phillips--Healthcare
Harriet Rosmarin Gertner--Real Estate
Debbie L. Polites--Business
Aron M. Minor--Food
Samantha S. Wisniewski--Legal
Raeshell Martin-Prince--Financial
Adam J. Gross--Accounting and Finance
Angel Badillo--Plumbing
Paul C. Newland--Agriculture
Amy N. Harrison--Author
Steve J. Hernandez--Floor Coverings
Fatima A. Barnes--Shipping/Transportation
Christina A. Green--Education
Sheila L. Skowronek--Healthcare/Transportation Service
Mark R. Allinson--Education
Philip M. Lee--Martial Arts
Ryan T. Cleary--Marketing
Richard S. Schwartz--Engineering
Robert C. Muller--Construction Equipment Rentals
Mary J. Johnson--Consulting
Joy L. Mosiej--Business Services
Francis Osa Lawani--Consulting Engineering
Yevgeniya A. Yushkova--Fashion Consulting
Tracy K. Rosemond--Photography
Kammi B. Gunton--Healthcare
Lance A. Jones Sr.--Security
Jacqueline J. Buchanan-Taylor--Wellness
Dale R. Tasker--Dental Laboratory
Nathaniel B. Long--Music Production
Cornelia Kimbrough-Wade--Healthcare
Donna-Marie P. Fields--Beauty
Jessica E. Fletcher--Insurance
Carolina Y. Udagawa--Healthcare
Marti R. Ladd--Real Estate
John Jay Pelletier--Government
Chrishawn L. Thomas--Financial
Felicia R. Thompson--Medical
Rob Watts--Transportation
Jarrod P. Eich--Retail
M. Michael Taradash--Engineering
Vincent R. Cervone--Finance/Accounting
Jacqueline H. Oparaeke--Healthcare
Beau Long--Roofing
Shannon Sloan Wright--Real Estate
Frazier J. Marshall--Social Services
Barbie N. Bowlin--Healthcare
Hector L. Perez--Insurance
William Riseling--Consulting
Pamela L. Daychild--Healthcare
A. Steven Frankel--Healthcare
Ivan A. Skinner--Music
Sarah J. Jondreau--Music
Theresa L. Garcia--Healthcare
Linda A. Sampson--Canine Care
Eraina Marie Aseme--Author
Dea M. Caldwell--Talent Agency
Faustina O. Quayson--Nonprofit/Religion
Belinda J. Price--Financial
Ruben Garcia--Construction
J. Samuel Gorham--Consulting
Latonya R. Sawyers--E-Commerce
William T. Holland Jr.--Government/Aviation
Daniel Radillo--Wholesale
Christi E. Tinkham--Pet Grooming
Kathryn L. Warren--Healthcare

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