Autism in Lockdown - Coming Soon from Future Horizons

Future Horizons offers books that help support teachers, parents, family members and caretakers improve their understanding of ASD and be able to build a foundation of positive growth, both intellectually and emotionally.

Autism in Lockdown - Coming Soon from Future Horizons
Arlington, TX, May 10, 2020 --( Autism and Lockdown includes Tips and Insights from the World’s Leading Experts on subjects such as:

-Carol Gray – Social Stories for COVID 19
-Dr. Tony Attwood – Latest Research on Autism and COVID 19
-Temple Grandin – How the Lockdown is Affecting Me
-Carol Kranowitz – In-Sync Activities to Help Kids Cope with Being Cooped Up
-Ellen Notbohm – For Autism Parents and Advocates: 13 Steps to Take When Leaders Fall Short
-Dr. Jed Baker – Dealing with the New Normal – What Do I Tell My Kids?
-Dr. Wendela Marsh – How to Deal with Sudden Homeschooling
-Jim Ball – Maintaining Good Behavior During Lockdown
-Beth Aune – OT Support for Sensory, Motor Skills, and Self-care
-Anita Lesko – Staying Sane
-Sean Barron – How to Cope During Lockdown
-Katie Saint and Carlos Torres – Autism and Depression During COVID 19
-Paula Aquilla – Executive Functioning and Character Development
-Cara Koscinski – Sensory Behavior and Life Skills
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