MARUX Announces Filing of Provisional Patent Application for AI Enabled Medical Response, Remote Diagnostics, COVID Vitals

MARUX announced that it has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, covering machine learning, artificial intelligence, and extended/cross-reality for the Company’s remote medical diagnostics, plus remote monitoring application. This patent application is the second set of software as a service (SaaS) process, and is integral for the Company’s initial augmented reality application focused on automotive.

MARUX Announces Filing of Provisional Patent Application for AI Enabled Medical Response, Remote Diagnostics, COVID Vitals
Detroit, MI, June 14, 2020 --( MARUX’s application addresses many medical care and services in internet of health things (IoHT); integrating health objects with network connectivity from the digital and physical world. Furthermore, it combines personal health technologies and internet of things (IoT) and takes full advantages of expanding abilities to exchange useful medical data and enable improvements in context awareness and the ability to initiate actions based on cross-data that are collected and analyzed.

The application will be the industry first real-time visual diagnostic tool for emergency first responders and medical professionals. It is enhanced by machine learning (ML) together with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), to help in all emergency assessments of physical injuries, vitals including Covid; fully secured by multiple U.S. patents and EU international patent applications.

Recent publications, including Internet of Things in Emergency Medical Care and Services (2019), focuses on emergency care as a critical area of medicine whose outcomes are influenced by the time, availability, and accuracy of contextual information. In addition, the success of emergency care depends on the quality and accuracy of the information received during the emergency call and data collected during the emergency transportation. The success of a follow medical treatment at an emergency care unit depends too on data collected during the two phases: emergency call and transport. However, most information received during an emergency-call is inaccurate and the process of information collection, storage, processing, and retrieval, during an emergency-transportation, is remaining manual and time-consuming. Emergency doctors mostly lack patient’s health records and base the medical treatment on a set of collected information including information provided by the inpatient process from first responders.

In emergency care delivery, the company will focus on patient-centric emergency care delivery, and patient-centered emergency care delivery. The company will focus its software application on emergency call systems and databases that embed the injured person’s emergency data, data of the place of occurrence, geographical data, the source caller; all of which will be forwarded to the emergency room team members, and triage to other healthcare systems. “With a continued focus on safety throughout the transportation industry, especially with autonomous technologies, MARUX is excited to provide real-time, enhanced, pre-diagnostics data for first responders. We envision being available in every transportation mode,” said Michael D’Orazio, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MARUX.

The emergency doctor (ED) needs patient-centric information for the primary care during the transport and has to timely provide the emergency center with the collected data and information about provided treatment and his diagnostics. Diagnostics made remotely based on patient-centered information provided through the emergency call need to be confirmed or revised once the injured person reaches the emergency center or the ED arrives at the accident place. “Time is essential and vital in all medical responsiveness needs. We believe that MARUX can become the default interface application for all emergency medical responders (EMR), emergency medical systems (EMS), and within all of the healthcare ecosystems,” said Jonathan Lightning Rayos, MARUX Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

MARUX, LLC is a software as a service (SaaS), business intelligence company dedicated to advancing the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the remote medical monitoring, medical diagnostics, and emergency medical services channels.

The company is focused on developing extended/cross-reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), for remote diagnostics through telematics, and remote monitoring software application in medical healthcare. MARUX is leveraging multiple partnerships across automotive, transportation, emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals, healthcare providers, medical insurance, and technology solutions providers, to develop and commercialize its SaaS in North America, as well as into international regions. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.marux dot co

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