Pandemic Experts Launch the American BioDefense Institute

American BioDefense Institute launched as a new model for fighting pandemics.

Washington, DC, June 25, 2020 --( Today, America’s top pandemic and biosecurity leaders announce the launch of the American BioDefense Institute, a Washington DC based think tank that will offer research and advisory to the United States Congress, Federal Agency, and NGO space. “This needed to be done,” says Ravi Starzl PhD and ABI Executive Director. “We are experiencing a pandemic that our global leadership wasn’t prepared for, and our intention is to bring government leadership biodefense and biosecurity strategies, rooted in next generation scientific modeling.”

ABI has already introduced several congressional and NGO stakeholder briefing initiatives that are meant to address passive immunity and vaccine-based concepts with the goal of a more expedited “back to work” and economic recovery solution. “The goal is to make the new normal, as close to the old normal as possible, minus the pandemic risks in the future,” explains Dr. Starzl.

ABI has several whitepapers that have been made available to the United States Congress and will soon be made available to the public on COVID-19 related to biodefense and biosecurity strategy. The Institute will be launching enrollment for private sector experts into their Fellows program which will offer top scientists and experts the opportunity to publish whitepapers with Congressional distribution and briefing schedules as well as keynote and expert panel opportunities at ABI events in Washington DC and around the Nation. For more information about enrollment, experts can inquire via ABI’s website contact form.

About the American BioDefense Institute
The American BioDefense Institute is a Washington, D.C. based Think Tank, dedicated to nonpartisan analysis of U.S. and international biodefense capabilities and strategies, created in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. ABI challenges the conventional boundaries of scientific disciplines by combining expertise in medicine, biology, chemistry, communication, and public policy to provide multidirectional strategies to meet future biosecurity challenges.

ABI Fellows represent some of the most accomplished academic and private sector pandemic and biodefense experts in the world. This highly specialized Institute advises the United States Congressional and Federal Agency community on next-generation tools, tactics, and procedures for effective biodefense and pandemic relief, as well as briefing federal stakeholders on the next generation of biological warfare threats.

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