Highly Acclaimed Teen Entertainer JAC Carrera to Host a Young Performer Awards Ceremony in New York City

Escape 2 Productions and highly acclaimed teen entertainer, Jose Carrera (JAC) from Brooklyn, NY, have partner to create New York City’s first ever show showcasing young performers. With an amazing Advisory Board team, Joshua Packard, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, Jackie Almonte, Willie Pena, Anthony Notarile, Diante Jenkins, Joseph Guevara, Albania Matos, Julie Probst, Patrick M. Valley, Marlene Rhein and Jessica Adams, will be hosting and picking this years winners.

Brooklyn, NY, July 25, 2020 --(PR.com)-- “As a young artist award nominee, I realized that New York City did not have platforms to celebrate and recognize upcoming young performers. The nominations I have received are from organized award shows in Los Angeles. I decided to start the trend here and partner with Escape 2 Productions hopefully this will open some doors to cater to us young performers and give us a platform here on the East Coast to showcase our work and be celebrated,” says JAC Carrera. JAC is an upcoming Latino actor based in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 3 he already knew that entertainment was his passion and today he continues working and creating content to entertain the world.

The Skyline Performer Awards were designed to bring together and honor young performers from around the world in the Big Apple. It is a celebration of their performance in film, television, theater and dance. Just like the Academy Awards or Emmy’s, to name a few, this awards show will also present the nominations to a board of judges who will then use their knowledge and follow the ATT (Artistry, Talent and Technique) of the performers to pick the winners. Due to COVID-19, hosting the event live in NYC has taken a different route and now award show will take place online. “I was super excited putting this event together, we had found a venue and we were looking forward to hosting everyone for the first time ever young performer award show in NYC, but the health and safety of our audience and the community is our main priority,” says JAC.

Spearheaded by JAC Carrera (actor, director, producer & CEO/ Skyline Performer Awards) along with the Advisory Board, made up of friends and industry colleagues, Joshua Packard (actor - known for his role as Kooky on At Home with Amy Sedaris), Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick (actor - known for his role as Sheldon in Chicken Girls: The movie), Jackie Almonte (actress - known for her role as Kim in Whatever It Takes The Movie: When Blood Runs Cold), Willie Pena (founder of TEENSWANNAKNOW magazine), Anthony Notarile (actor - known for his role on Blue Bloods), Diante Jenkins (Director, Producer), Joseph Guevara (Director -Swinging Into Action), Albania Matos (actress - known for her role as Nancy in Whatever It Takes The Movie: When Blood Runs Cold), Julie Probst (actress -known for her role as Sue Ann in Facts of Life), Patrick M. Valley (actor - known for his role as Carlos in Central Standard), Marlene Rhein (director - known for directing 2Pac Shakur’s last video “All About You”) and Jessica Adams (actress -known for her role as Adrienne in Diary of a Future President), the Skyline Performer Awards will bring together all young performers to celebrate and share this special moment with friends and loved ones.

Skyline Performer Awards is very excited to present their first Lifetime Achievement Award to actress April Hernandez-Castillo who is known for her role in the movie “Freedom Writer.”

The show is set for October 16, 2020 on YouTube.

To learn more about Skyline Performer Awards visit their website www.spawardsnyc.com and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Even with everything going in the world today, we want to inspire and make the best of it by continuing our journeys in the entertainment industry,” says JAC.
Escape 2 Productions
Evelyn Ferreira