Schools, Businesses, Events, Sports and More Are Restarting Safely with Text-Based COVID Symptom Screening Using HealthShield

Salt Lake City, UT, August 13, 2020 --( Organizations nationwide are safely reopening and remaining open by using a simple, text-based COVID symptom screening tool, HealthShield(TM) by 42Chat. With HealthShield, businesses can remotely capture CDC-compliant information for anyone entering their establishment/location via a two-step, text-based screening. Organizations of all types are making use of this technology to safely operate during the pandemic:

- Schools to keep children, teachers and staff safe every day
- Call Centers to screen hundreds of employees safe, daily
- Sports Leagues who need to screen hundreds of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and fans safe before every practice and game
- Conferences and Events to bring this vital part of the economy back safely
- Fitness Centers to ensure the safety of staff and customers

"We are required to symptom check every child, coach, volunteer, and ref before they take the field – and we were struggling with how we could manage that logistics nightmare. HealthShield made it incredibly easy, we were live in hours," says Marty Wescott, Director of Intermountain Lacrosse. "Everybody texts, so everybody can complete their symptom survey quickly on their own device. We have an electronic record of every survey, so compliance is a breeze."

“Using HealthShield at the event went so well! Its super-easy to use, and I really liked how I could look at all the screening data at the end of each day,” said Uriah Quezada, Manager, Meetings & Events, NCBA.

HealthShield allows organizations to quickly provide government-approved health assessments to students, staff, customers, visitors, players and fans on their cell phones via text - something most people are very comfortable using. A user receives a text directing them to a three-question, CDC-compliant COVID-19 survey. Once completed, the user receives either a valid green mark to enter the location, or they get a red mark, restricting their access and referring them to additional steps.

"HealthShield has helped my gym safely reopen and stay open according to the health department guidelines of my state and county. It's kept our employees and members safe and was easy to set up and use," said Jeff Brzoska, Owner/Operator, MinersTown Strength & Conditioning. "The backend recording is excellent and exactly what we needed."

In today’s environment, people want to know the organizations they interact with are taking precautionary measures to protect against the Coronavirus. In turn, organizations want the peace of mind knowing they have a record of every transaction, are compliant with any regulations, and safe from any audits that might come their way. Because the assessment and verification are done at a distance on users’ own cellphones, HealthShield helps limit business interactions to those who have already been cleared.

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