Jewish Children’s Book About COVID-19 Leaps to #1 on Amazon

A new picture book that teaches preschoolers about wearing a mask, washing hands, and staying home when sick, went to number one in its category on Amazon just two days after launch.

Jewish Children’s Book About COVID-19 Leaps to #1 on Amazon
San Diego, CA, August 18, 2020 --( A new book has captured the attention of secular and religious educators across the United States. Written by children's author and preschool educator Morah Leora, The Mask Mitzvah tells the story of a nasty virus intent on touring the world, one person at a time. A single good deed (Mitzvah) by a caring hero stops the virus and protects others in the community.

According to Morah Leora, the book is a timely tool for grown-ups and educators preparing for in person teaching, even as the epidemic in the United States intensifies. “With over 380,000 children already infected with COVID and the infection rate continuing to grow, we must do everything we can to help children understand their role in ending this epidemic.”

Concerned for the health of her colleagues and the children in their care as they return to the classroom, Morah Leora commented, “I wrote this story to help children understand the need to wear a mask and keep others safe. If they want to wear a mask like the hero in my story, the task facing educators and grown-ups becomes that much easier.”

Leora Lazarus is best known in the global community of Jewish educators as Morah Leora. She has been a groundbreaking developmental preschool and Judaica teacher for over 30 years. Educated at Barkly House Teacher Training College in Cape Town, South Africa, she has worked with thousands of children in Africa and the United States. Leora has published several children’s books in both the secular and Judaica categories. She also has a range of teaching tools for Jewish educators. You can read more about Morah Leora at where you will find her books and hand-crafted products.

The Mask Mitzvah is available on in eBook and paperback.
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