Puleo Energy Fights for Small Businesses Who Have Been Overcharged by Energy Suppliers

In a new campaign dubbed, "The Buck Stops Here," Puleo Energy, an electricity and natural gas brokerage company, is helping small businesses, who signed up with energy suppliers, only to see their rates double months later.

Puleo Energy Fights for Small Businesses Who Have Been Overcharged by Energy Suppliers
Philadelphia, PA, September 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Puleo Energy, a Philadelphia-based energy firm, announced today that it is launching its "The Buck Stops Here" campaign to help small businesses who have been taken advantage of by energy suppliers.

“We see it all the time... a business signs up with a supplier on a fixed rate, forgets that their contract is over, and then the supplier bills them a very high rate. Any savings the customer had from the fixed rate are wiped out in a month or two, and the customer is left frustrated, not willing to trust energy companies anymore,” says Samuel Puleo, President of Puleo Energy.

Puleo Energy has been fighting for refunds and bill credits for its customers who were over-billed for many years. Some of the more recent refund checks they got for their customers are $903 for a deli because the supplier billed an overly high variable rate, $1,800 for a restaurant because the supplier billed double the utility rate, $1,200 for a pizzeria because the supplier enrolled the customer without permission.

“When customers are taken advantage of, they stop trusting energy companies, and it makes it very hard for honest companies to do business. During the pandemic, when we are not allowed to sell in-person, we decided to try and help small businesses who feel they were taken advantage of by fighting for them,” said Puleo.

And what's in it for Puleo Energy? They simply ask that if they are successful in helping your business, you allow them to offer you a quote in the future when things open back up.

"It's hard to communicate to customers that we are different, and that they won't have the same negative experience with us. Rather than being 'all talk,' we decided to put our money where our mouths were," said Puleo.

If you are a small business and feel that you were over-billed or taken advantage of by an energy company in the last 3 years, Puleo Energy will help you try to get some sort of recourse. You can learn more about the process by visiting puleoenergy.com/overbilled
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