Brandezk Set to Announce Massive Discount Gala in the Upcoming Months, Spokesperson Reveals

The renowned digital web designing agency, recently confirmed that it would be announcing a massive discount on all its website services in the coming days. The deals can go up to 80% of the total servicing cost, as corroborated by the PR Manager at the company.

New York, NY, September 02, 2020 --( Truce Hills, the PR Manager, at a press briefing, confirmed the report by stating, “The company has grown substantially, and frankly, it has been beyond what we had projected. The love and the constant demand we have received for our services has been simply remarkable. The customers have undoubtedly been the main driving force behind our success and as a company, we have decided to share our success with the customers.”

“Discounts and free services help companies earn a competitive edge over their competitors – enabling prospective customers to be more inclined towards them. We have merely done the same. Our clientele has given us so much, and we now are more than happy to give it back to them,” she further added.

As a part of their quarterly appraisal, the design agency noted a “drastic increase” in the sales volume, particularly in their web development services. According to the branding manager, Issac Howard, the increase in sales was the “primal stimulus” that drove the top-level management to announce discounts in the coming weeks.

He further added, “It has been an amazing ride for us. Our data scientists confirmed that our targets were left way behind. It was the dedication of our team of professionals that made all this possible; however, customers played a vital role. Hence, the massive discount. Moreover, happy and satisfied customers play a major role in making a business successful. Discounts instantly draw the attention of prospects and provide them a chance to get to know us closely – providing an unequaled opportunity for us to interact and impress our clients on a personal level.”

Their marketing representative at Brandezk, while explaining the positive impacts this initiative would bring upon their company, stated, “We are certain that doing this will help drive more customers down the sales funnel. However, this isn’t the main reason why this exercise is taking place, as already confirmed by the leading authorities. All I can say is that the services will be provided on discounted rates, and our promise of not compromising on quality and professionalism will remain solid.”

To set the plan in motion, Truce Hills, the PR manager at Brandezk, confirmed that the finance and marketing teams are collaborating, and the news regarding the massive discounts that will make headlines in the coming weeks.
Truce Hills