FBI Investigates "Jetpack" Sighting Over LAX

FAA Has Only Certified One True JetPack

FBI Investigates "Jetpack" Sighting Over LAX
Los Angeles, CA, September 08, 2020 --(PR.com)-- JetPacks are very real and pushing the technical barriers of personal VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) flight. So when two highly trained commercial airline pilots each radioed the tower at Los Angeles International Airport about a jetpack fly-by, alarm bells went off.

And the first person authorities called for answers is JetPack Aviation founder and personal VTOL flight pioneer, David Mayman. You may remember Mayman as the guy who flew the world’s first FAA authorized jetpack flight around the Statue of Liberty in 2015. He is also the guy that opened a Formula 1 Race with a JetPack flight in 2018. And most recently, he created global headlines with the announcement of his SPEEDER flying “motorcycle” in 2019.

Skilled engineers and garage tinkerers have been working on personal “flying machines” for decades, but JetPack Aviation is the only company in the world to have successfully built a craft with the level of safety and dependability sufficient to earn it official air-worthy certification from the FAA.

Said Mayman, “Practical personal flight vehicles are right around the corner and we have been working with the Federal Aviation Authority to create a national set of standards to ensure the safety of both in-flight travellers, and pedestrians and property below.”

As an FAA certified aircraft, the JPA JetPack Team has been permitted to perform demonstration JetPack flights for corporate clients, ad campaigns, and public events that attract millions of people. FAA certification also enables the operation of a JetPack Pilot School for anyone interested in experiencing personal VTOL flight first hand. And, the JPA JetPack was the first proof-of-concept step towards a full range of small, safe, personal flying machines for new uses including general first-responder transport, emergency medical delivery, and battlefield rescue.

As is often the case with rule-breaking pioneering efforts, the road to JetPack success was not without setbacks, disappointments and severe personal injury. In the case of JetPack Aviation and Mr. Mayman, this fascinating journey of reaching for the stars was followed over a ten-year period by Paper Bark Films and presented in an award-winning feature documentary titled “Own The Sky.”

As for the mysterious LAX “jetpack” fly-by, David Mayman summed it up, “Honestly, we don’t know who’s working on a machine that could do this and would be foolish enough or reckless enough to to fly there.”

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