US News and Business Report is Set to Release Their Ongoing Series of Sports and Human Interest Stories

Los Angeles, CA, September 16, 2020 --( US News and Business Report is set to release their ongoing series of sports and human interest stories such as "A Comeback Kid." (For full article:

With excerpts such as:
“One of the true marks of a great athlete is the innate desire and will to win. That drive is something that cannot be taught and makes for a coachable athlete. This is especially true of one Dylan Karr. Karr is a fifteen-year-old attending Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California. He is a well-rounded athlete, highly competitive in football and basketball, with a bright future and prospects on the horizon, when a freak accident, which broke his spine, brought everything to a screeching halt. This pause would only prove temporary for an athlete who is willing to overcome adversity, has done so in the past, and come back even better.”

And in-depth background into local sports personalities. Example from “A Comeback Kid”:
"Despite being in two physically aggressive sports like football and Jiu Jitsu, it is ironic basketball is where he received the worst of injuries. Most would assume that after a spinal injury, a young athlete would be gun-shy to get back on the court. After his elbow injury, this was the case and it took Karr months before he got back to his normal level of aggression. Older now, he has learned the lesson that if you play scared to get hurt, it is harder to enjoy and love the game. He is preparing for the moment that he can step back onto the field and court in hopes that one day he might attend UCLA on a scholarship, the same college his father attended. Dylan has grown up looking up to players like Kobe Bryant, Josh Rosen, and Kawhi Leonard... athletes that inspired him to love and excel in sports. Dylan’s motto has always been: 'I want to be the best, so as to inspire others to be their best.'"

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