CUDDLY® and All Pet Voices™ Launch #MYUNSPOKENPET Campaign

Pandemic pet adoptions showcase the power of storytelling across the nation.

CUDDLY® and All Pet Voices™ Launch #MYUNSPOKENPET Campaign
Denver, CO, September 21, 2020 --( Pet ownership is up all across the country thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and stories of newly adopted dogs, cats, birds, critters and reptiles are being shared across the globe.

Knowing the excitement these pet parents have for their new furry friends, CUDDLY®, a crowdfunding platform for animal welfare organizations and All Pet Voices™ (APV), a pet-focused media company, are teaming up to launch the #MYUNSPOKENPET campaign. The hashtag campaign is designed to celebrate pet ownership and provide an outlet for pet parents to share their personal pet stories.

“It’s no secret that most people who adopt pets from shelters or rescues know very little about the cat or dog they bring home. Many animal lovers naturally want to give their pet a past that fits their family member’s current behavior. It’s natural for all of us to create stories in our minds about our pet’s background prior to us adopting them,” said Jessica Shipman, Co-Founder of APV.

CUDDLY and APV would like to invite all pet parents to share their special stories of their pet’s background to their personal social media sites and use the hashtag “myunspokenpet.” Stories shared on Instagram and Twitter may be featured on the campaign’s page on All Pet Voices.

“It’s our hope this campaign will uplift pet lovers during this difficult time of social unrest and COVID-19. We’re hoping to collect thousands of uplifting stories to make the world smile. While we know some pet stories may start tragically, it’s a testament to the lives of homeless animals being turned around thanks to wonderful compassionate people,” said John Hussey, CEO of CUDDLY and a full-time National Football League referee.

A team of APV pet bloggers from across the United States will lead off the campaign with special posts about their animal’s story. Some of the well-known cat and dog blogs include: It’s Dog or Nothing, Positively Woof, Lola the Rescued Cat, Daily Dog Tag, Kitty Cat Chronicles, and My Brown Newfies.

Representatives from Cuddly, APV and its featured bloggers are available for phone and on-camera virtual interviews. We can also try to locate story submitters from your local area.

CUDDLY is a fundraising and wish list platform dedicated to helping animal organizations worldwide, while supporting over 2,100 non-profit animal shelters across the United States. The for-good startup seeks to help all animals find a healthy life and a loving home. Through CUDDLY, animal lovers can purchase and give in a modern, transparent way, via online shops, gift registries and monetary donations. CUDDLY also provides fundraising and marketing support, as well as valuable community business tools, to help support the important initiatives of animal welfare organizations. For more information, please visit

Founded in 2020, All Pet Voices is a pet-focused media company that creates content for pet lovers in partnership with pet experts and brands. All Pet Voices reaches pet lovers who are interested in pet-focused content that educates, informs, and inspires. All Pet Voices is a BP Impact, LLC brand and sister brand of BlogPaws.
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