Bestselling Author, Tim Austin, Releases Book, "Permission to be Tough: Raising Boys to be Rugged Gentlemen," Which Addresses the Unrest and Disrespect in Society

More than a deeply revealing book, "Permission to be Tough" is a father's direct response to the need to "raise boys to be rugged gentlemen."

Bestselling Author, Tim Austin, Releases Book, "Permission to be Tough: Raising Boys to be Rugged Gentlemen," Which Addresses the Unrest and Disrespect in Society
Mesa, AZ, September 26, 2020 --( "Parenting is a tough job; kids don't come with instruction booklets! We are living in a social environment that tends to create more feelings of entitlement than respect and boundaries. When it comes to raising sons, the process must include a certain amount of "intentional" actions to teach sons to be practical ways that fall into the parameters of the age-old saying, "Children learn from what they live." - Tim Austin

In this timely book, “Permission To Be Tough,” bestselling author, Tim Austin, notes, "we live in a troubled world, where raising loving, responsible, young men is a challenge." He takes a deep look at the important issues relevant to raising “rugged gentlemen,” in a world where it is necessary to sometimes give them “permission to be tough.”

Austin asks the difficult questions: Do we, in reality, fail our youth by allowing expectations, which are not within the boundaries of reality?

Do we fail them each time we sweep under the rug problems that may surface because the role of parenting takes too much time or attention?

Do we inadvertently place too much emphasis on - or allow too much demand for - being the center of attention in life?

Tim Austin lives a simple and quiet life on his farm in Paonia, Colorado. He handles the business operations of a growing “retreat” area and volunteers as a high school wrestling coach and EMT for the local ambulance service in the off-season. The author loves spending time with grandsons who are his pride and joy. The mountains are his favorite place to be: trail hiking, mountain climbing, bear hunting, elk hunting, stream fishing, backpacking, camping, or just sitting in a grove of aspen trees are but a few activities that add spice and adventure to life.

With a fresh perspective of the myriad people who shape a young man’s future, Austin provides insight, humor, and proven wisdom, backed by decades of being a parent and coach…and shows persons of influence in a young man’s life how to provide the kind of innovative, loving guidance young boys need. His book explains exactly what he feels should be expected of our young men, and how some parents inadvertently spoil them rotten. He speaks to the mother’s role to inspire and nurture, whereas a father performs better as role model - as he both affirms and challenges them to be their “best self.”

Austin shares his unique experiences as a child, a father, and an action-oriented leader of children, particularly in sports. His shared experience supports how sports plays a big part in the lives of many young men and coaches are charged with developing the attitude of a winner. Together with parents and coaches, schools are instrumental in finding the “sweet spot” where boys are kept on a gentle leash - yet learn how to cope in a complicated world. And, in all this mix, “little princes” are sometimes dethroned yet are also provided an opportunity to “borrow courage” until theirs is evolved.

The author puts a wrap on the book by providing a full chapter of activities designed to strategically connect parent and son - and, in the end, give them permission to be tough and become rugged gentlemen. The reader will be challenged and changed by specifics in “Permission to Be Tough” about the current need for more connection with our children - particularly the boys in our charge. Austin’s message and meaning are clear, concise, and well-honed; it is a heart cry for our children that resonates with its readers.

A Foreword by Chad Moore, the Lead Pastor of Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona and testimonials and advance praises by school administrators, athletic coaches, literary agents and the author’s children embrace the powerhouse of Austin’s work as it weaves the pattern of history which brought us to this place - where solutions leap from the pages of the book into the eager hearts of its readers.
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