The Book "Lemar and Her Magical Pets" to Push the Boundaries of a Child’s Imagination

How many times does Lemar need to try her magic trick and why? Embark with Lemar on a simple adventure from inside her bedroom. Learn important facts about some of your pets. Lemar will soon try to use a secret treasure to make magic. She only has a little bit of time to try over and over again. What will happen if her magic trick works? And eventually, will Lemar still believe in magic?

The Book "Lemar and Her Magical Pets" to Push the Boundaries of a Child’s Imagination
Bell Gardens, CA, September 25, 2020 --( It seems that children's literature is still a publishing niche that true book lovers prefer to visit. The reason for this is because these books take into account the story and its structure, they open spaces for more original stylistic procedures, and the imaginative patterns of contemporary authors often expand the boundaries of narrative forms.

Children constantly have a picture of us, adults, in front of us, looking at phones and computers. Let's take the time to read together. Read to children even when they learn to read and talk about those books. The love for books develops in the family.

The title that stands out and that confirms the previous statement is the new book of Nesrine Sleiman "Lemar and Her Magical Pets." The book is about pets and magic. In this amazing adventure of the spirit, little girl Lemar, who wants a pet for her birthday, finds a green gem in the yard and the magic begins. It is a very dynamic, fun, and original story about an intelligent girl as well as interesting facts about pets.

Lemar really wants a pet. What a secret the green gem hides? Will her magic still work? Will she get a pet as a birthday gift? It remains a mystery for young readers to answer.

You will also enjoy wonderful illustrations by Pixel Ink Studio, and through laughter, you will understand all the value and beauty of the magic and children's imagination.

The author of this beautiful children's book is Nesrine Sleiman, a full-time preschool teacher, born and raised in Lebanon. Nesrine holds a degree in child development and is currently working on a master’s degree in Family and Human Development. Nesrine loves to read fantasy books and believes in the magic of hard work.

The author believes in the magic of reading and play, which can be a good way to learn. That is why all her books, in addition to a fun and emotional moment, great stories, adventures, and experiences of the main characters, are also characterized by an educational character, which children recognize and accept.

The book will be released on the Amazon Kindle store (KDP) on September 25.

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