360-Access Helps Businesses Reach the 61 Million Americans Who Live with Disabilities

Online service provides a platform for businesses to share accessibility features with the Disability Community.

Pittsburgh, PA, October 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Internationally, the disability market represents an annual disposable income of $1 trillion – $490 billion in the US alone. Those in the disability community not only desire, but need and deserve access to grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, entertainment venues and more. 360-Access, a new online service offered internationally by disability/woman-owned technology company Abator, serves as a tool to help businesses communicate their accessibility information with potential consumers who have disabilities.

Created by Madonna Long and Joanne Peterson, both of whom live with disabilities, 360-Access is a web portal where businesses create an account and complete a simple survey documenting their accessibility factors, such as sidewalk widths, bathroom accessibility, employees who know American Sign Language and much more. Once a survey is submitted, it is then reviewed and accepted into the 360-Access database and available for anyone to access at no cost. Visitors can register as a user at no cost to write reviews, verify collected data, get special offers and receive invitations to events.

“The idea of 360-Access is to create a dialogue between businesses and people with disabilities,” said Joanne Peterson, CEO of Abator, Co-Founder, 360-Access. “When businesses provide accessibility information, it allows those with disabilities to plan accordingly prior to arrival. The disability community wants to spend money to partake in shopping, dining and other activities. Additionally, during a time in which diversity and inclusion is a topic of importance, understanding your business’s accessibility can also inform a person with disabilities of whether or not your business is a viable option for them in terms of employment – so not only are businesses increasing their consumer base, but their employment pool, as well.”

To “map a business” with 360-Access, businesses must pay to set up an account, with a portion of each sale donated to disability organizations. Pricing is as follows:

- Nonprofits: First facility is free, $29 per additional facility
- Small business (up to 10 locations): $49 per location
- Large business (over 10 locations): $149 per location

Upon completion of account creation and survey submission, businesses are given a 360-Access seal to use online or in print.

“Our goal is the universal recognition of this seal as an emblem associated with acceptance and accessibility for those with mobility and disability needs,” said Joanne Peterson.

Map your business with 360-Access today: https://360-access.com/launch-app/

About 360-Access
Founded in 2015, 360-Access is an online service dedicated to mapping the unique existing accessibility features of public spaces connecting people with disabilities (PWDs), their families, friends, caregivers and associates to objective information.
Marian Neilson